Realistic Vehicle Simulation System

hi all,
i want some feedback on this cool car simulation i’ve been working on for the past couple months. :smiley:
it includes a pressure based tire simulation, accurate engine simulation, realistic non-empirical tire model, realistic clutch friction simulation, sub stepping, a very basic turbo simulation, and a limited slip differential.

here’s a quick video demonstrating it.

i’m curious to know what you all think and if you feel that a realistic simulation like this is practical for a general purpose roblox game.


super duper dope epic style swag mode coolio like really cool probably best cars on roblox ive ever seen ever

this is crazy cool! (make a game now or else)

I was making a racing game, I can’t compete with this :slightly_frowning_face: good job though.

it’s literally beamng drive that’s how good it is, although do the wheels turn over their turning angle when the car has no occupant and the car gets pushed (what I mean is wheels that act as if they have no limits and rotate fully around

no they don’t. are you talking about what happens in older ac6 versions?

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