Reapimus - Scripting Portfolio

!! NOTICE !! It has come to my attention that a discord user by the tag CesstialDev#7939 (Userid: 875701996684972072) and the Roblox user “CesstialDev” is impersonating me and using my portfolio to scam others, please do not trust this user.
My ONLY discord user is Grim#9143 (with the Userid: 139990199315857408) please make sure to verify this if someone sends you this portfolio.

I’m a lua programmer who has been scripting since 2012-2013, I have a lot of experience in programming on Roblox. So far I have worked with @Randy_Moss. I am the main (and currently, only) programmer for my game, World Builder, a sandbox building game which has 2.2M+ visits at the time of writing this portfolio.

Important Info

Please note that before commissioning me to make anything that you must know exactly what it is you want, it’s more beneficial for both of us as I can get your commission done quicker without having to ask many questions. I recommend having a document or something detailing exactly what it is you need (how it should function, what features it should have, etc) and not “I want something like x and y from z game” as I will not take the time to play a game to figure out what you want.

Require Finder

A plugin that finds and shows you any instances where it found that require() was used in a script and what it is requiring with the option to insert the model/module it was requiring to inspect it.

Made a plugin that finds usages of require()

Grim's Cutscene Engine

I had a need for a proper cutscene engine in-game but after searching, I had found nothing that suited my needs, so I decided to create this plugin and engine to serve precisely this purpose.

Custom Cutscene Engine

Joint Editor

Due to a need for the ability to move/rotate the C0 of a Motor6D or weld for uses in animating things within my cutscene engine featured above, I decided I also needed to create this plugin, which adds Handles/ArcHandles to the selected joints to simulate moving them like you were using the studio tools.

Made a plugin that can manipulate Motor6Ds/Welds
Joint Editor Rotate Joint Editor Move

Area System

Area System - Roblox

House Creation System

House Creation System - Roblox

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Status Effect & Skill System

Status Effect And Skill System - Roblox

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Interaction Systems

Interaction System - Roblox
Distance Based Interaction System - Roblox


Minimap System

Mini Map - Roblox

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UIInlineLayout Recreated in Lua

UIInlineLayout Recreated in Lua

Display Name Blacklist

Made a script that allows you to blacklist display names

Toon Town Combat & Quest System

Toon #### Combat System - Roblox
This is a combat and quest system based off of Toon Town that I was commissioned to make.

Attack on Titan ODM Gear

AoT Commission - Roblox
This is a set of ODM gear based off the gear that the characters in Attack on Titan use to manoeuvre in the anime.

Other examples of my work can be found on my twitter where I try to post updates on anything I am currently working on as often as I can.

  • If you are paying via gamepass or some method other than group funds with Robux you must cover the marketplace fee as well.

I accept commissions in both Robux and USD (via Paypal).

Pricing varies based on how complex/big the system may be (for example, something like an RPG framework may cost around 30k Robux or more while something like admin commands or cafe systems would cost around 1k-3k Robux).

USD pricing is whatever the devex equivalent of the Robux cost is.

I only accept payment before handing over any code I make.

  • All times listed are in AEST
  • I do not accept long-term commissions (Such as whole games)

Monday: 4PM - 7PM
Tuesday: 4PM - 7PM
Wednesday: 4PM - 7PM
Thursday: 4PM - 7PM
Friday: 4PM - 7PM
Saturday: 9AM - 7PM

Discord: Grim#9143


Reapimus is an excellent scripter, great communicator, and responded quickly.
Recommend choosing him!


I’d like to get in contact with you.

I suggest providing gifs i cant imagine a lot of people bothering with joining each individual game.

I will add some gifs to the post when I have the time to

Hello I would love to talk to you about you scripting for a horror game like before the dawn but different here’s my discord tag Hex Screaming Cat#1219 :slight_smile:

I am currently available for commissions, will update my post with screenshots/gifs sometime soon

Updated my post with gifs of some of my work and added some of my more recent work to the post.

I suggest you all look for a commission from him as his work is fantastic. :+1:

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Updated post with more work I have done including a game I have released.

Defenitely recommend. He’s a hard working, talented scripter.

Updated with some more recent work and made my pricing more clearer, I also do accept USD now!

Improved the formatting on the topic, also updated it with more gifs and added some of my more recent works as well as more specific details on when I am available.