Reasons as to quality of members/newer users posting

This post is only going to fuel the fire that was slowly dying in the recent days. You need to understand that regulars also aren’t the only villain in this situation.

As a regular I used to try my best helping people by sending tips towards them in DMs to only be faced with responses equivalent to “NO ONE ASKED YOU YOU SMELLY SMALL BRAIN” and or being flagged for mini modding/bullying. I stopped doing that and instead just flag posts.

There are two sides to everything and while I do agree that a lot of good and bad apples get lumped into the same category, members should be more open to criticism in general as well as not throw criticism and helpful tips under hate. Some regulars also need to get rid of the “members big bad” stigma (which I also carried with myself for a while).

The situation will be difficult to resolve since there’s always going to be more people joining the forum, not understand the “labels” they’re being given by the way they act but hopefully one day members and regulars will see eye to eye.


Chill little Johnny.
There’s a reason as to why there’s a rank in place. Regular status whole purpose is to prove that user is capable of being on the forum, not about classes and what not.


Alright, I’ll give my 2 cents on this issue.

As a member myself, I can tell you right now that we are the problem. There is no denying it. 99% (100?) of the off-topic and spam posts in #development-discussion are from members. Why? Here are some reasons why I think this is happening:

  1. They are underage, and should not be here. They likely are using an alt account.

  2. They do not show professionalism. Many members do not understand that this is a professional forum, this isn’t the ‘Kid Forum’, this is the developer forum, a professional community for roblox developers. If they cannot get with the program, they should not be here.

  3. They don’t read the rules. It’s simple. Read the rules!

  4. They do not listen to moderator feedback. I do not know how many times I have had to flag the same poster over and over again because they continue to break the rules.

  5. They do not understand how to take in feedback from non-moderators. Often times, when I see someone, (a member) breaking the rules or acting un professionally, I get responses like this:

(No hate against this user, just an example. Sorry for picking on you a bit.)

I feel that these issues need to be addressed.

I do not think this really fits in. Like I said, I am a member myself, and frankly I am ashamed at how we behave.

Exactly! The entire point of Regular is to show the person has more experience. To say that Regulars hate Members is extreme. No one hates another trust level, people hate the low quality posting.

Not sure what you mean by divided. Regulars’ haven’t done anything but attempt to be helpful. If anything, I have seen members be nasty towards Regulars.

Agreed. The biggest issue on our forum today is the fact that members do not use all the resources available to them. As @colbert2677 wrote, “You can ask Community Editors for help picking a category if you don’t know where your thread belongs”.

Again, very true point right here. Almost all the posts that have issues are from members. It’s an issue, and flagging just isn’t a solution at this point. I find myself having to flag posts pretty much every minute.

Getting rid of forum ranks will decrease the quality of the forum even more. If we do not have these ranks, we will start to have #platform-feedback having topics like, “make robux free!11!1” or “help i was hacked fix me plsplsplspls!”. There is no way we cant trust members with that. This is the reason trust levels are in place.

The issue here is that not all feedback will always be positive. While it does hurt a lot, it will actually be beneficial in the long run. I totally understand that it hurts, I’ve spent hours on a project for me to just get negative feedback, but that is part of life. How will you ever learn? This feedback should be taken as a good thing, not a bad thing.

I don’t even want to imagine that. :eyes:

Fully agree with this too. Flagging posts isn’t a viable solution at this point.

So true right here. I’ve noticed too many members complaining about Regulars, Regulars are here to help people. They have valid points, and should not be villainized.

Sorry for ranting a bit here, that’s what I do best. :man_shrugging:


Most of the rules are common sense, some members actually are like regulars, just with a hiccup from time to time, though I’ve seen some people on here make posts like ‘print is broken’ which in all honestly is a little annoying to see


As a global concept, the forums needs to

  • Support current developers of all levels and types
  • Support upcoming developers, who are going to be the top devs in the next 5 to 10 years.

Those kinds of support need to exist at the same time for the best results, allowing current devs to learn and grow to be better at their high level, while also teaching new developers the right ethos and attitude to succeed.

How well that is done deeply depends on Roblox and you the community.
We are at a turning point and what is done now will impact the future of the forums (if you want to be about that meta or not)

There are many paths to pick and many hills to die on. What you choose is up to you, but consider those two goals as a global concept.

It could be that, everyone returns to being a member, no matter what they’ve done previously. No public trust level, just an equal playing field in which each person has to prove themselves to be able to use the forums in a meaningful and objective way.

New and old should be able to use the forums in the best way possible with minimal friction expect where quality and reduced noise is critical to all relevant parties, where such is true systems should be in place to provide reasonable precautions in a way which scales and minimal error.

New arrivals should be able to quickly and easily identify key tools and tid bits of information which are simple and well explained for both them and the wider community.

Those who struggle to learn, should be taught and if shows clear signs of failure to listen, moderate as required. Those who know the ins and out, should realise that such knowledge is a privileged and should not assume same level of knowledge.

Developers should be expected to use the forums as a tool as part of their learning, interacting with the forums where required for learning. Developers should be developing, not living their life on a forum. There should be reasonable means to reduce such a risk and not motivate such behaviour; that includes reducing toxicity in key players.

It is not about Member vs Regular, it’s about the systems and the ethos behind the community. It is only time and effort which can drive towards a better future. You should be invited to give a voice on the tool which helps your learning, but you should not make it your life for the tool; anyone who says otherwise is likely wrong or is trying to silence your voice. React professional to such.


I think the reason why Regulars have gotten more hate recently is because of bunch of them made threads on Discussion or Forum Feedback pleading Roblox to ban Members from those categories or just give them more restrictions.

There was this trend back in the Summer where Regulars made topics like these and most of these threads were based on frustration and aggression toward Members. You can easily tell by reading some of these.

A lot of members were likely angered from this which probably explains why Regulars have gotten a bad reputation lately.

I understand the reason why threads like these were created, but it is kinda rude and depressing for Members to get treated like this.

But these topics are completely reasonable. None of these topics are providing the ‘hate’ some members complain about. These are all valid points. Being a regular means you are trusted.


I know.

And things would probably get better if some of those suggestions were taken under consideration.

But you gotta admit that there was a lot of Member-bashing back then and there were other ways to suggest these things without having so much aggression and hatred toward that rank in these topics.

I know Members aren’t perfect, but those posts honestly went overboard if you ask me.

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If you didn’t want this to happen, then why did you make this thread in the first place? We literally said that were not blaming members, were giving suggestions as to how they should use the forum correctly. This post is honestly a full rant, instead find ways as to how members can be trustable, and use the forum correctly. I do agree that members should not be mistreated, but they have to learn from mistakes also, hence why regulars are here today.

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Honestly, I don’t see why you replied.

Maybe using words such as complaining was a bit too much, but you have clearly missed my point. This thread isn’t about members being treated poorly and so I kindly urge to read it again. You didn’t understand any of my points. No where, did I state being mistreated and no where have you identified the main message. There are many inconsistencies in every aspect of the forum, if we reduce them, then members can understand what is expected of them when posting in categories such as discussion. I’m not blaming regulars so I’m not sure how you drew that line.

As far as I know, on the first ever thread regarding this issue some Community Sages said that this was an attemp to “remove the superiority feelling” from regulars.

I’m a member and I see it in a very different way.

Unlike what @buildthomas said, I really think trust levels are something we need in order to keep the forum working. You can’t just compare the knolwdge and experience of Regulars with Members.

In my pov the fact that just Regulars can see some categories and post in other ones inspired and motivated me to keep being an “honorable forum member”. I don’t think they should be removed.

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That’s what I’ve been trying to say,. Regulars make sure that this doesn’t happen, hence why they help out. I also said that we could make suggestions as to how this could not happen. I also don’t know why you think that I’m blaming you for regulars, I said that they’re not attacking you, they just wanna help you out.

I’m not going to reply to prevent clutter. If you wanna continue, please message me on the forum :slight_smile:

The problem is that people (members) aren’t sure where it would go, as of not enough information from the guidelines.
This make people (members) post things in usually #development-discussion, #forum-feedback, or a random one, which they usually belong in #lounge.
Problem there? Yes, people do not know the concrete specifics to get Regular so they can’t use the lounge (which is a problem I share), and a lot of people just end up not caring at all, and don’t even try to get it, because they think it is way to much effort.

Really the best way to solve this (that I can think of), is for Roblox to explain EXACTLY how to get regular, so people know how they can get to the lounge (which people will ignore anyway, so that just leaves community replies and flags).

To add on to this, another thing is that Roblox doesn’t very often choose community leaders (editors and sages), so besides the automatic staff, all we have is flags.

Despite everything said on this thread, I would like to compensate by distributing my stance more neutrally and communicate ideas more effectively.

I like to clarify that there are no members verse regulars thing here. I can agree that my original post was slightly biased, so pardon me. In fact, I wholeheartedly would like to take this time to express my gratitude for regulars. Many of you guys provide helpful feedback and contribute to making the forum a better place. I apologise for the insensitiveness I reflected on my part.

I didn’t mean to bring stigma in this topic and It’s unfortunate that it even spiralled like that. I updated my part with a less bias and appropriate means of conveying the message. I also appreciate Railworks reply, it really touched me. So thank you!

I think the forum guidelines are pretty clear except for #development-discussion. However, some aspects don’t really fit into any specific category. Also, I don’t think lounge should be an incentive to become regular. I see it as actively contributing quality, whether you be rewarded or not.

Finally, there’s one thing I want to point out. The ranks system working by statistics right, so that’s not really a good filter. If members use the forum actively and more appropriately, then regular means just being active, based on how it’s determined. So, It doesn’t mean anything aside that?

Yes, I meant that some topics don’t fit into a category, so people will just randomly choose.

I have been around here since 2018 and never really post out of fear and lack of substance to bring to the conversation. I have seen the quality of posts and general fourm vibe change a lot over the years, I think it is very important to remain consistent on the quality of posts so that the bar of discussion stays higher.


Not sure if this is what you meant, but I just want to make sure that it’s clear: Top Contributors are not staff and do not have any more permissions than any other regulars. I feel this is a common misconception.


I yeah sorry, I’ll fix it I listed them for some reason.

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I can’t see any bad topics being posted in DD, almost all seem pretty good. I have had to flag only few topics, but it seems satisfactory.

Eloquently put. I don’t think that many people here actually see that there are toxic people here driven entirely by status - it’s always been that way and having user-roles on the devforum only further enables this behavior.

IMO what the devforum needs is to vet users properly before accepting them :man_facepalming: there’s a large # of users I see post daily who obviously don’t have the level of self-awareness indicating they’re of-age, and I don’t see Roblox doing much to educate these users either :frowning_face: