We Need an Underage (13) User Detection Bot

The roblox.com website contains a chat and email system. Users can also chat in game. This is turned on by default, and it still complies with COPPA Law.

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You can change your age over 13 by emailing roblox, this isn’t really a problem. Here is an alt i’ll be making which will have its age as a 1 year old.

Then go to roblox support and email roblox.


I agree here, this case could happen. It’s very rare but this needs to be pointed out. If someone does this and they get banned from forum, you’re banning a 13+ user.


This is true however, you can also change it in settings without contacting support.

So pretty much everyone at this point is debating how they change the age. I’m not too sure if they change their age midway through their account it will work seeing as I’ve never been underage during my time on the DevForum.

No, if you read the TOS Roblox Requires kids to get parental guidance making it legal. (The main Roblox site blocks certain things by default and allows the parents to set the rest.) However for Social Medias like Twitter, FaceBook, etc where they can chat, share and talk with others with no limit it is not legal. Please read this it’s by the FTC and I’m sure you can find more. The rule of parents helping you sign up also doesn’t apply, there are no work arounds for this and parents who do help are technically breaking the law too under a law called Aiding and Abetting. For more information I’d consult a legal profession.


If you’re account is under 13 you can’t change it, you’re able to change since you’re over 13.


For registering, why check the link of a user when, I’m assuming, they can code the bot to access the database to fetch the age of the user?

For posting, if the bot detects a user posting a web.roblox.com link, it’ll delete the account + posts on it, why need a review team when that’s the evidence of the user being underage?

13+ users can copy the link from an underage user, all that is needed is a manual approval or something. <13 accounts are already prevented from logging into the devforum, but the point is that <13 users create alt accounts and set the age to 13+ so they can access the forum. From there they could check ip for accounts and see their main is <13.


I feel like that they should also check HWID’s as a vpns are easy to come by, and they are free, while hwid spoofers cost like 100 bucks

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Web pages can’t do that for privacy protection reasons. Solutions like fingerprinting would also be unpopular and break child privacy law.


Have you checked out the previos replies :slight_smile:

What do you mean it doesn’t happen? When I signed up in 2013, I set my birthday to 2011. I wasn’t 2 years old, I was just used to lying about my birthdate for privacy reasons. I still lie of course, and the only thing that’s changed is that I say I’m over 18. Since Roblox Support is more useless than a rock, I’ve had to move accounts.


Then that is your problem for setting such an inaccurate and late birthday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We shouldn’t not add these detections because of a few niche use cases.

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Legally speaking, if your parent gives you permission to make your account you’re not breaking any laws, you’re only breaking the service’s TOS. Therefore, your claim of Aiding and Abetting is completely false. From experience, I know the reason services have a strict nobody under 13 policy is it takes lots of time and effort to comply with COPPA. For example, Facebook makes money from selling your information and serving you ads, without parents permission it is illegal for them (facebook) to do this (they don’t make any money off of you so why bother).


I honestly can’t see a system like this working without objectiveness too it (in this case, <13 accounts being unable to sign in). Having a bot try to determine if a user is underage has too many variables to consider, such as if a 13+ user copied a web.roblox link.

You can argue they would be flagged and sent for internal review, but how are the reviewers supposed to have concrete evidence they’re underaged?


Yes you’re right it would have to many factor for a bot. But my suggestion was put a hold on users who use web until the case is reviewed by staff like it has been up until now. This is pretty much to stop a manual flow and make it automatic.

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So is the consequence a permanent removal from the forum, and if you get to required age, will the removal be lifted?

You can’t due to COPA. Many have tried but failed.

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You don’t your parents have to. (If your account had an parent email attached and you accidently put your age under 13).

I know the DevForum suspends for life seeing as people could act like they’re going to be of age sinner than they really are. I’m not really suggesting more than a temporary lock and your account under review for web links.


There is no use of a under 13 not detector. Anyone can easily fool them, it’s not that pretty hard. It is up to us to find them.

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