Recent Toolbox Improvements


Amazing update, will really save time and headaches. Thank you!


Very useful feature, thank you, will save a lot of time! :slight_smile:


Yay this will save so much time


This is great, now we need to get website Decals converted to Images as well.


Yeah, there’s just as many non-tree items in the second as there are non-tree items in the first. Maybe more emphasis should be put on the title? I definitely will appreciate the the Right-click Context Menu though!


Thank you for fixing the algorithm! I’m looking forward for the ability to search for assets by player names!


Honestly the algorithm shouldn’t even check items’ descriptions for keywords since the description is never relevant.


This is a great step forward for development in Studio! Thanks!


Excellent! Thanks! These toolbox improvements are awesome.


This is a win win for advanced developers and starting developers, it allows us to get image IDs much easier, and starting developers to find there desired model from the toolbox much easier, thanks for another great studio update.




Outstanding update!

In regards to the search algorithm, the #1 problem I have is that I may not remember the full name of an uploaded decal or audio where I gave it some single-word name (e.g. vo_shopgreeting01). I know for a fact that the word “shop” is in it, but searching for “shop” will yield no results.

Is there going to be a possible different method of searching for items you’ve uploaded / taken since you generally aren’t going to try to make misleading titles for yourself?

So far the existing changes are quite handy (especially the “Open in browser” option) and I look forward to seeing what else comes in the future.


Definitely happy about the algorithm being redone. Though I don’t use the toolbox greatly these days, it is nice to see results that are actually relevant to the search term. Thank you!


Thank lord I’ve been mad about the skybox being put in workspace, especially when trying out multiple ones.


This was a needed update for a long time.


I imagine they will be, hopefully we get a full redesign for the “Create” page to match the new website design.


Finally I don’t have to worry about pronouncing ‘decal’ right. ‘Image’ is much more simpler :smiley:


When will we be able to search for items made by specific users again?