Recently Played Game Not Showing Up

One of my places showed up in recently played 4 days later, it’s fairly prompt (I’d imagine the amount of days could vary between different places).

It’s probably a way to prevent ToS breaking games that keep coming back from blowing up.


Yeah seems like recent created games do not show up at recent played (contiune) tab. But I also noticed the same happens when you favorite a recent released game. It doesn’t show up either.

I made a game on my alt a year or so ago and it still doesn’t show up on the Continue or Favorites list in the home page, however it does show up on the Favorites tab on my profile. It’s still a problem and you can check it too. (Nvm the game was fixed!)

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Just made a game a couple days ago and I noticed the same problems. It doesn’t appear on recently played which is really annoying. Does anyone know how long I should expect to wait for the game to get “verified” before I should be concerned?


It can take up to 3 days for the game to be unshadowed.

Does it say that anywhere specifically? I’ve been looking around for a while.

Thanks for responding though :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t, but it’s definitely up to 3 days. I and 3 other people are making a game and first became visible after 3 days.

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Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Has it showed up yet? I’ve also made a new game (freshly made, not even 24h old) and it’s not showing up for me or my friends. It’s a little frustrating considering that returning players might have problems finding the game again.

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I noticed that the “shadow ban” stays for as long as it takes for certain features like the experience questionnaire to become available.

My guess this is an intentional feature to filter out new experiences that are not even a week old yet. (Likely intended to put a stop to games that continuously abuse the engine for bad things)

Just wait about a week, and the game will appear. It happened with a relatively new showcase game I created.


Yes it has, just give it a couple weeks and it should be good. If I were you, I’d hold off on advertising as most players won’t find the game again. Hope I could help!

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I’m sorry to bump this old thread, however, my game has been not showing up in recently played for almost three weeks now and it’s really affecting the growth of my game. It’s part of a new group so that might be part of it but from what I see on this thread this should have been resolved. At this point should I be contacting someone or is this normal for if a new game is part of a new group?

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It has been confirmed many times before that Roblox will hide your game. I do have the same issue with my games as everyone else. If you want to be sure your game will appear, just take some random place from years ago, overwrite it, and use that instead of a new place. I made a game a few weeks ago, and I’m currently working on it. Finding it on my last played tab is impossible; it’s literally not there. I have to use a third-party extension like Ropro to pin the game to my home page; otherwise, I have to search for the link each time I want to play it. Contacting Roblox Support won’t do much; it has been discussed before that they are aware of this issue, but it doesn’t seem that they have taken any action to prevent this from happening (or at least addressed an announcement that will answer if this will be fixed or if it was an intended feature). All you can do is wait.

This game requires a group to function. I could publish it to some old game but then it would not be linked to the group and would end up making growing it next to impossible. This is concerning because I hear this should be resolved after a few days and it has been with all of my other games.

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I dunno, my fix is just waiting. I kind of forget about it because of how dependent I am on third-party extensions for my home page to be organized and so I can find stuff and navigate around easily. If you are planning to make a game, you should always have at least 2 places: the front-end place, which is where you will publish actual updates of the game (where people play it), and a test place for the developers, where you can publish it at any moment because only developers can play it. Once your whole update is ready, you just overwrite your main game, and it’s as simple as that. For even more complex team creation, you will have places for each part of the game where you will only work on them, for example, the scripting place, the map building place, etc. etc. I’m just giving you some tips on how to be more productive, but trust me, most people would prefer the two places or even one because you can test inside the studio (that is, if your game is not eating a lot of resources). I hope I helped, but begging for Roblox support won’t work; there is no real fix for this, and it affects everyone. Make reservations in advance so you won’t have to suffer this issue. About those 2 games I had, they already appear in my last played page, which means they don’t have any restrictions. If your game does appear on the last played page but does not appear on the discover page, then that is not your problem (well, it actually is because your game is dead :skull:), but if it does not appear on the search bar, then there are too many copies with the same name; only the most popular will appear first, so once again, if you find it but on the very bottom, then that is your issue (your game is dead :skull:)

For clarification, the bug is not limited to the discover page. For some reason Roblox removes games even from your favorites list, your group’s game page as well as recently played despite this having no impact on scam games. I made a thread requesting that these restrictions be revoked since they are not helpful in the grand scheme of things to stop scams even if keeping games from discover is reasonable.

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it happens to me too on mobile app

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The issue seems to be happening differently to me and this is why probably I have seen a drop in Day 7 retention in my game:

The last game shown in the list I have played it before, but not recently in any way, after the first game The Lost Land, there should be this game:

Yet, where is it? The game was just removed from there, but when I clicked Continue I was able to see it in the 7 slot.

Why do I say this has affected Day 7 Retention? A lot of players that have joined my game are probably not seeing the game anymore on their Continue sort, then I stay wondering why players aren’t coming back with so much to do in the game…

When I posted this post, which was 10 hours ago I decided to go ahead and play the “Escape The Laundromat”, and it got pushed to the front, something normal. However; I just came back 10 hours later just to see the order different again:

What’s going on?! No one has access to my account for them to do this trick to me. Also look, how far the Angry Granny (Obby) game in the first picture went to: (Red Arrow)


Hi! This should have been addressed with this related issue.