Recently played games tab broken

As the title states, it seems that my recently played games tab is suddenly broken. By broken I mean that the games I played recently do not appear in the recently played games tab and only the blank grey Roblox tab appears.

To help people better understand the problem I face I made a GIF of the problem occurring.
(GIF is stopped at a certain point and then restarted because of the GIF size may only be 7 seconds)

I’ve closed down the website numerous time and tested if the problem continues to persist on different browsers. Which it did.

GIF: of my alt account showcasing the problem but on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

I’ve also restarted my PC but to no avail.

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It appears I too have this same issue. Tried clearing my cache/cookies; the issue still occurs.


I am also experiencing this issue. This seems to be happening to “Friends Playing” as well:


I have been having the same exact issue, I tried to change the time filter number but nothing happens. This also happens to me with the, ‘Friends Playing’ page.


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This is not a critical issue at all. Make sure to read the guidelines before suggesting that, misuse of a critical tag is heavily frowned upon.


This is continuously occurring for me, it’s a nightmare because I cannot find the games I’d usually play.


Testing on several browsers. The issue looks to have been fixed, as it is no longer occurring.