Reclass - smarter class conversion plugin


This version of Reclass has been superseded by a completely rewritten, more modern version. This post is outdated; find the new Reclass here!

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Reclass is a simple, beautiful, and smart, class converter. It has minimal UI, and learns what to suggest based on your conversion history.
Reclass uses EchoReaper’s API Dump public module to load information about classes and retrieve explorer icons. It’s updated automatically, and means the plugin works without HttpEnabled!

Learn how to use Reclass in under a minute

Convert your stuff in three clicks:

…or in one, using the Automatic button. It’s like I’m Feeling Lucky, but for class conversion. It’ll use the top item in the suggested list and convert the selected instances to that class for you.

Suggestions not relevant? Search for the class you want directly:

Visit the plugin page to install the plugin;

Install to Studio

This plugin started as a scripting exercise, but I’ve now converted it into a public plugin I hope you’ll find useful! If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to message me about it on Discord; Elttob#4603


Im not sure if this is possible, but maybe instead of the button saying Automatic, make it be the name of the class you’re converting to


This seems much better than Quenty’s plugin. I’ll definitely check it out

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I don’t believe this is possible with plugin buttons right now. I would love to see this in the future tho!

Thanks! I really like Quenty’s plugin, so that’s pretty high praise :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice, great job.

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I just pushed an update to the plugin which addresses a problem with Play Solo.

It also adds caching to the Api Dump module used internally, so you can now use this plugin offline when you’ve run it once online before! :earth_africa::electric_plug: