Recoil looks really weird in first person

I followed a youtube tutorial for gun recoil and it works great in third person but once I got to first person it looks really bad. Anyone know any changes I could make to make it look better?

Looks too fast on the recoil back… i would start by increasing the RecoilTime from 0.1 to maybe 0.5 or even 1.

Play with it and see if you like the results… if not, reset it back to 0.1 and then play with SpeedShake at a lower number.

These are just general tweaks, as one of them will give you the result you want.

Ive tried these but recoil time makes the same thing happen just alot slower, and lowering speed shake has the same issue with the arms moving weirdly it just happens slower.

speed shake at 1.1

The arms shaking is the recoil… thats the effect.

I was thinking you could slow down the recoil so it mimics real life gun recoil, and doesnt jitter so quick.

To be honest, i actually don’t see any recoil in third person.

I was only showing first person recoil

The arms arent recoiling whatsoever in this video… the camera just shakes, and im not sure why it shakes.

The camera should be shaking only in first person, and the gun recoils back and forces the arms to bend from the force.

If I dont have the camera moving in third person then there would be no difficulty in shooting because the arms would move not the camera/mouse.

Ok i see what you’re trying to achieve…

You want the camera shake for both person perspectives, but the arm movements to be slowed down in first person?

or do u like the arm movements the way they are and u just want the shake to be identical in both perspectives?

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I just dont want the arm movements.

also here is what happens when slowing down recoil time

This looks more realistic to me.

What dont you like about this new slower recoil time?

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Its mostly the way the arms move

I dont believe this script is the only thing controlling the arm movements…This script controls the camera mainly.

I believe you can adjust the arm movement through the anims in the gun tool itself. Is there another script for the gun, try looking in there.

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Another script I have controling arm movements is a script that has the tool follow the mouse when in thid person. Also In the gun I have a arm recoil script but I had the issue even before I had the script.
I disabled the tool follow arm and still had the issue. I just tried disabling arm recoil script and still have the issue

Lets see the arm recoil script.

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The – are how I disabled the arm recoil so I could keep the hold

Ok you are going to have to reanimate the arms if you dont like how they are moving… this script is controlling how the hold and how the click animations are played. Don’t disable this section you circled, it isn’t affecting what you are trying to do.

Do you know how to load animations up in the animator and edit?

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Yeah I know how to load them. Ill load them up.