Recolorable shirts/pants

As a developer, it is difficult to have color variety in ingame shirts and pants without having to reupload many copies of the same shirt or pants in different colors.

It is practically impossible to achieve full color customization control, i.e. letting players pick their clothing colors from a color wheel.


  • User customizable clothing
  • Craftable clothing in different colors
  • Getting simple variety in NPCs with minimal art work

100% support the idea of color3 tinted clothes like you can do for decals/textures/surfaceguis


support for this

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If this feature is supported/planned, it would be nice if the Color3 properties of shirts/pants came before user color customization is ready on the site. The color properties will still be useful for developers even if players cannot customize their colors on the site.


Sorry, to be clear: this is not a web feature request. This has nothing to do with we avater customization. Just for games that use clothes, like with NPCs and nondefault characters.


Ah I see, sorry for my misinterpretation there. But yea, still support!

I’ve got a feature idea in a upcoming game i’m making, but without color 3 for clothing textures its going to make it hard to implement. I want to heavily reiterate my support for this feature, as it could potentially save me tens if not hundreds of hours using the hue tool in