Record Mic Audio & Save/Load it in-experience

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to use players voices (Voice Chat) for anything other than immediate player-to-player communication.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I could let players create snippets of their microphone to re-use in game. I’m currently working on a game where players create and share content, and narrating content is currently not easy/possible to do, as it required us to parse our own text-to-speech which is not only an insanely difficult and length task, but also inefficient and the final result never feels quite right.

Letting players “record” sections of their microphone would be great, as now a player could narrate their UGC content in our game without having to rely on text! For a better visual think of TikTok or YouTube, most videos have the content creator explain what they’re doing. This is what we’d like to replicate.


There’s a ton of privacy issues with come with that. I’m not sure if roblox would impliment it for that reason.


Doesn’t your phone do the same thing?

You can just prompt the user for permissions.


I’d think a secure way to do this (in addition to what scripton suggested) would be to store the audio as an ephemeral asset (e.g. automatically deleted after 90 days) that’s accessible only to the universe it was recorded from, so whatever method records the audio just returns an audio asset id

would probably require a different kind of voice chat recording instance that will only play back to 13+ users, since moderation is the main issue here

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Unfortunately for our use case a 90 day expiration would ruin most of the use case, as we want to replay the content the creator has made the same way YouTube lets you replay something uploaded years ago.


Why not have a built-in sound recorder? That sounds like a much cleaner approach to something like this.

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It would sweeten @ScriptOn’s use case if an ephemeral asset’s TTL resets to 90 days so long as it is requested/fetched by the server within that time.


Roblox already has a free way to upload user generated audio. Why do we need to add spyware to games when user generated audio has existed on the platform for YEARS?

Obviously, it’s not recorded in real time, but for what it sounds like you’re trying to do, this should work just fine.