Recreate impact frame and Chromatic aberration effect in roblox studio


I need an animator (or scripter) to figure out how to recreate the anime Impact frame effect as well as Chromatic aberration in roblox studio. They will have to create multiple example projects (or videos) utilizing each effect and provide documentation on how to make and customize it.

Impact frame effect needs to be reliably customizable and compatible with different colors, particle effects, bloom/glow, highlights, animation, and the aforementioned chromatic aberration effect. And if possible, be simple to implement in a game, and be optimized for performance.

Chromatic aberration effect should be created using viewport frames, but if can be done some other way that’s fine too. It also must be customizable in its intensity.

In short, this job is about providing a proof of concept that the effects can be done and creating documentation on how to reproduce it.


Must have experience working with Roblox studio, animation, and understand how to utilize all or most of the different features roblox studio offers.

Needs to be able to communicate on discord.

Examples of impact frame

Examples of chromatic aberration


I will buy a game pass or shirt you own that is worth 50,000 robux to compensate for your work.

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