Advanced impact frames

Hello guys, I need some help in understanding and creating the impact frames effects. I can’t find a good tutorial on how to do them and every people that know how to do them, don’t respond to me. I think this effect is very important because it gives weigh to everything so I HAVE and WANT to learn how to replicate this effects:

  1. What do i want to achieve?
    I want to create the impact frames effect like in the videos I put down. With the characters and effects going black and white(not only characters)

  2. What is the issue?
    I can’t find a tutorial on how to do them so I’m asking if anyone can help me

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I found people saying to use color correction and highlights but this only works for the character and not the effects.

This is the effects I wanna archive if anyone can help me:


If you slow down the video you can see and guess what they’re using:

First video and Second Video both use speedline particles, then they move on to black color correction, add a white highlight to the player and then even more particles.

I’ll try to recreate it to show you what I mean.


As u can see from the video, when I enable the color correction the effects stop showing off. The only thing u can see is the highlight on the char. I tried to make the highlight occluded too so if the particles are in front of the highlight then we should see the effect but it didn’t work.

I saw a guy on Twitter that I think he managed to create a negative effect but I don’t know how to do it. Another dude said he used viewport frames but that seemed it may cause much lag.

These videos I showed up seems to use color correction but I can find out how they managed to show the effects on top of the highlight


And Voila, experiment as much as you like :>

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