Recruiting Map Builder | Looking for experienced builder, up to 80K Robux pay


The Job

I’m looking for an experienced builder to create multiple maps for my game of varying style and theme.

About The Job

I want 6-8 maps that range between 700x700 studs - 900x900 studs, of varying content type and style (e.g. a simple town, a city, a farm, etc…). I’m happy to discuss the maps in detail and we can decide on different themes.

What the maps are for | My game

The premise of my game is players will be placed in the maps you create, and they get to blow it up with a variety of items.

It is an incremental game - you get 'bricks" by blowing up structures, which you can then sell for cash. You can purchases new weapons which give more bricks per shot. Basic simulator setup really. I just need to have a variety of environments for the player to destroy e.g. vehicles, buildings… I want each map to have a consistent theme e.g. sci-fi, a city…

The only main requirement for the maps is that they’re in a blocky style - so no parts smaller than 1x1x1 stud for the most part. (Example:

I’ve built functions to convert any structures to be compatible with my game, so you just have to worry about making it look good.

Payment & Timeframe

I’m paying 7K-10K Robux per map, depending on the size, complexity and quality of job for each individual map. I want atleast 5 of the maps completed by mid-April.

Contact Us

My primary contact is here on the DevForum, but you can find me on twitter at @IntegernGames or E-Mail me at
You must be 13 years or older to apply.


Please send me your Roblox Username, age, timezone and evidence of past work (I’m basing my decision on the quality of your past work.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


It would be easier to envision the map(s) design if we had a general idea of the game itself.

Is it paid upon completion or do payouts rely on the games success rate? Meaning if the game isn’t profitable than the builder isn’t paid.

Would we have to build with unanchored parts by any chance or would it be optional? I’m asking since not every builder is familiar with welding practices.

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Hi, I’m interested fulfilling this position. Inspirre | Portfolio (Closed)

Hi Purp, great questions.

i) The players need to be able to walk through the map but apart from that I want to leave most of the design to who I hire - some of the more open Phantom Forces maps would be a good example. Just needs to be open and loads of stuff to blow up :slight_smile:

ii) Will be paid upon completion - I can show I have the funds if needs be.

iii) You’ll be building with anchored parts - no need to worry about welds or anything like that, just on the design!

Your reply doesn’t give much insight into the project. The only details you’ve given about your game thus far are vague. Blowing stuff up and open maps doesn’t supply any meaningful information to the builder. Is it sci fi? What is the game itself? Do you want specific things consistent in each map? I’m sure many people who are looking at this post would be interested to know more specifics.

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I gave a bit more insight under ‘My game’.

If you have any more questions please ask - there’s only so much detail I can give, I want whoever I hire to be creative enough to go off and create an immersive environment themself. I’m not pick with the theme, as long as it’s aesthetically pleasing, detailed (for a 700x700 map) and appropriate.

In most cases, not giving the builder a specific theme for a build is more counterproductive than not.

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