Red Kingdom - Medieval Diorama

Here’s the follow up post to my Tiny Medieval Assets Pack post, I used them in the game Minibuild Roleplay World (Check it out here, not by me: Minibuild Roleplay World [F3X] - Roblox) to create this kingdom, and then exported it back into Roblox Studio and made some touch-ups!

Leave your thoughts, criticism, or anything you wanna see added below! :smile:


Here’s the link to the first post showing off all of the assets I created!

Simple and unique. The necessary details are all there.

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Holy cow! Now that’s a castle! This is amazing! I think you did a good job!


Nice castle! I really like the red!
To me, the grass/ land materials look a little strange, perhaps consider a different material or decal

Looking cool and clean !
I would change the textures as the details on them are “oversized” compared to all the tiny houses for exemple
I would make a custom texture with grass details that are tinier