Redesign the moderation page

As a Roblox developer, I think people that had their account moderated have problems in understanding what’s even going on on the page they are redirected to when their account is moderated, as some content is confusing and doesn’t make sense. So, I am suggesting a redesign which makes people understand more of what did they do and what they should avoid.
Here’s what adjustments should be made to it:

  1. Merge the Moderator Note and Reason into one message. It’s pointless to be told the same thing twice, such as: “Moderator Note: Please don’t spam on Roblox.” and “Reason: Spamming”.
  2. Change the “If moderated, X Assets will be affected” to “X assets were affected due to moderation.” That message is confusing, and makes you think you are the one which moderates the assets, not Roblox staff. The assets have already been moderated, not “will be moderated”.
  3. If you are moderated due to uploading inappropriate images, you should be able to view what caused it. Now, the only images displayed are either the “Content Deleted” image or the warning sign labelled “Content Blocked”.
  4. Make it compatible with Dark Mode. I think every page on Roblox should have a dark mode version, regardless of it being a moderation page. Also, the topbar still shows the old Robux icon while you are on the page.
  5. There shouldn’t be a special button to log out of your account if you are moderated. Remove the “Logout” button at the bottom of the page and make it so you can log out by using the cog menu dropdown, like on a normal Roblox page.
  6. Have a countdown for timed bans, to see how much time is left until your ban expires.
  7. On timestamps, include the timezone. It currently says: “Reviewed: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM”. After the AM or PM, it should also say “PST” or what timezone is it in.

Sorry for bumping this post, but Roblox is apparently working on it as there have been changes to the moderation page that are worth noting.
There’s nothing really major, but today they updated the page by making the “Terms of Service” link in the original message clickable.


It’s here, guys! Roblox went and redesigned the page.

You can now log out using the cog menu, the timestamp says the timezone, and it’s compatible with dark mode.


Did they also change the Robux icon? I don’t want to get warned/banned to check it myself. :sweat_smile:

Yes, they changed the Robux icon on the page to the new one.

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