Redesigned Chat GUI with added features

Redesigning the chat window crossed my mind, so I did it…

Still need to code some area but I coded the fundamental part first. I added image support so people can send pictures from the Toolbox. I as well added a typing notification cause I want one. I also added an emoji panel for easier browsing of emojis in desktops however I cut the emoji amount.

I will still add more emojis to these but I removed some emojis that may overdraw the ToS.


wow this looks alot better than TextChatService

I hope you also got some autocomplete just like textchatservice too!

you should release this to community resources people will probably use it in their games like alot


I really enjoy this implementation of the chat more than the current version, great work! I can’t wait to see it fully functional.

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Looks sharp!

If you’re open to suggestions, I would suggest adding animated emojis, aka just sprite sheet of a gif. Had this in mind because you had the images feature, so why not make it even cooler.

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on mobile, does it have the glitch where theres a chance that pressing return doesn’t send the message?

also, the send button isnt necessary

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I can’t release it until the new top bar is released and rolled, I have to create a new top bar button which will have the new design and it would be weird releasing it with the current top bar. :sob::tired_face::sparkles:

Opening the emoji panel will lost the focus of the textbox requiring you to click the textbox and press enter. That’d be the the case if I remove the send button.

You can set the TextChatService to Legacy and stop the chat UIs from loading.
Then, you can connect to the chat button by using StarterGui:SetCore("CoreGuiChatConnections", {})

Also, amazing UI! I also created an improved version of the new TextChatService UI a year ago!

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Hmmm… interesting I never encountered this… I’ll try, thanks for the suggestion!


I actually will, but I’m going to redirect the users on my Tech Group Discord Server and then they can get it there. Is that allowed to advertise discord server here in DevForum?

to my knowledge you cant advertise discord

or maybe im wrong?

I found this a while ago Unofficial DevForum Community Discord, they’re basically kind of advertising their’s to join in.

This is way better than text chat service. Literally. TextChatService literally cuts off characters from messages and looks too jumbled together.

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This GUI with more features looks good! Nice job on it!