Unofficial DevForum Community Discord

Our server began in 2018 to bring together forum Members, as a way of making communications easier for everyone. With time, the server grew far more than what we expected it would.

As a result, we decided to open a small portion of the server to the public, while keeping Members in separate channels.Today, we are the largest server based on DevForum and have permanently rebranded into a Community Server.

How do I join this server?

This turns out to be incredibly quick and easy! Read the instructions below:
  • You must be over 13+, in compliance to Roblox and Discord’s terms and guidelines. If you are found to be under that age you will be removed from our server.

  • If you don’t have a discord account yet, you can create one within seconds in their website.

  • You are free to join our server and chat with your fellow colleagues, all you need to do is click here.


  • Upon joining, say !verify in #verify to get your roles. If you have any trouble verifying, contact a Server Administrator or send one of our staff a Direct Message.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this server owned or managed by Roblox?

  • Although there are Roblox Staff in the server, it is entirely community ran and powered by the community.

    We cannot help you with external issues either: our server staff members are not Roblox Administrators. if you need to report something, please click here

2. I am not a Regular, can I join this server?

  • Despite of being open to Members, Regular users are welcome to join the server to join our community.

3. Is this a secret server?

  • No, it is not. However, we ask you not to share any sensitive screenshots from the server (due to privacy reasons/concerns), unless you have the permission of those involved in the conversation.

4. I joined the server but there are only a few people here, is this normal?

  • To access the server you must have a discord account verified by RoVer, if you have any trouble verifying, contact our Server Staff.

5. I believe I’ve been moderated incorrectly, what can I do?

  • Please bring the issue directly to us and we will evaluate our moderator’s action.

6. Can I share this server’s invite with other people?

7. I’ve heard there is another server for DevForum users.

  • There’s a server exclusive to Regulars, if you are allowed to join it, you can read more about it by clicking here.

It’s not working for me… When I finish verifying, it does nothing as if I haven’t verified…


It’s a really good idea, i’ve joined!


Hey, I was falsely banned from the discord, If an admin to catch up to me that would be great. @DevEngagementTeam (I guess they can help?), (real discord


Should be fixed now.


There is even for Members Discord server? I didn’t know as well.

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It’s in the lounge I think.

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Thank you, Arcuatus, very cool!


Yea but discord is kinda laggy on my windows 7 computer.


The invite code appears to have expired for me.

Give this a try:

Hey, the discord link has not worked. I have never joined this server in my ROBLOX career so far, so there is no possible reason that I have been banned or kicked, or even unable to verify?

If anyone has this same issue but has solved it, don’t hesitate to @ me or tweet me, or possibly send me another code it would be much appreciated.


The link seems to be down for some reason, but luckily server members can create new links!

Give this a try:

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I managed to find one, but thank you so much!

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Brilliant, thank you.

I’ve been a part of these forums for several years and I was not even aware that there was discord server for the dev forums at all. Now I just happened upon this thread to find out about a discord server for “new” members, implying there’s also one for longer-time members.

Yep, check this out (also just posting this for future reference for any members that go to this thread)

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is that server even alive? I just joined (and have not been verified yet) , but I see like 13 online members and 38 offline members… that’s only 51, which doesn’t seem like much. or do i just not get to see all the members before I get verified?

Yes. It only shows people who have access to the unverified channel in the member list. Members don’t (only mods / Roblox staff and unverified users), so only a few people show up. I just added the devforum role to your account, so you should see everything now.

the server just got hacked help, i got banned