Reduce the Marketplace Fee for non-Premium developers

Currently, for non-Premium users, the Marketplace Fee is 90%. I feel like there should be a reduction in this fee, because it is too unprofitable for many new developers for who it is not feasible to get Premium yet.

It is already possible to get around the 90% fee when using a group. It should apply to all individual users as well.

Why is it a problem for me?
I get only 1/7 of what a Premium user gets whenever I sell anything. It puts a dent in my sales potential and this happens for all developers who currently don’t have that much money to pay for Roblox Premium.

If this issue is addressed it would improve my development experience…
It would give me a good amount of profit for my sales and I wouldn’t be bearing such a massive loss in my sales. This would help any new developers who are not able to buy Premium to grow more quickly on the platform and then perhaps buy Premium at a later point when it is feasible for them.

Please reduce the Marketplace Fee for non-Premium users to a considerate percentage.