'Reducing’ / ‘Removing’ tax when transferring funds to group!


Today I want to tell everyone a little method i’ve been using for a few months, that i would personally more a tip then a tutorial, but it has been incredibly useful to me since I discovered it.

Im sure many of us have had issues with losing 30% of robux when we are transferring robux from our accounts to a group, wether to buy some badges or to pay for a commission, and while it generally is not too bad if you are only transferring a few hundred, when your transferring say, 100,0000R$, you will lose 30,000R$ due to tax, or the equivalent of 105$, which needless to say, is a waste.

What happens when you buy a shirt?

When you buy a shirt on roblox it moves up on the ‘Relevance’ sort for clothing, which is viewed by thousands, potentially millions of people on a daily basis, however you don’t need to be a professional clothing developer / well known clothing group to get up there!

From experience from buying a shirt for 30,000R$+ to transfer funds you will get 12 hours on the front page of this sort, meaning potentially, as said, millions of players could see them, where most developers screw up is by transferring funds with some ugly t-shirt instead of a trendy shirt! And by taking the time to do this, and bring the price down to 5-100 robux (I find 5 robux works best, but i’m no clothing designer / Group person so its worth experimenting.), you could be missing out on money!

How do I do it?

Simple, Find a cheap clothing designer to make you a quick shirt / pants following whatever is trending on roblox at the moment (they will generally know this), this can cost between 50-500 robux, however can be reused every time you do this method. I personally use this and so far have profited every time I transfer funds.

Extra tip - I recommend using female clothing, it tends to be more successful

Upload the clothing and buy it for 30,000R$+ (If your going above 100,000R$ I recommend you use multiple shirts / pants), then reduce the price to whatever you want thats affordable for your average robloxian.

Wait ~12 hours and see how much you sold, I would always recommend collecting some data for fun on your first attempts, for example playing with price etc. I have also found sometimes you get onto the bestselling page for 12 hours too, highly increasing the return!

This method has saved me ~100,000R$ over the past few months, the equivalent fo 350$, and I hope this can help you save some of your hard earn’t robux too!

I was very tired in the making of this tutorial, please say if there is anything I did not address / mistakes I made


I find it weird that there isn’t an “official” method of putting funds into the group…


This could be really useful in the future, thanks for putting this out there


Because Roblox does not want to facilitate lossless transfer of Robux. Imagine someone compromising some account, moving all their robux to their group and then getting all of it.

But for legitimate uses, workarounds like this exist, and if you’re clever you can do great things :stuck_out_tongue:


but that cant happen cuz of the 3 day waiting period…

I didn’t say it had to be without tax either its just strange we have to do this weird stuff with shirts that are meant to be sold to players

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That is exactly what I mean, imagine being able to instantly transfer robux. One script logs into your account once and you’re gone in seconds. Roblox of course has countermeasures like the group join captcha and the 3 day waiting period and the marketplace fees, basically it’s just that little bit harder on the bad guys, and my point is that those are Nice to Have™.


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