Reflections in water cut off by character

(watch under the arms)

Repro file (right click > save as)

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This is not a bug, this is an unfortunate limitation of screen space reflection, which is not actual reflection. It doesn’t only happen with character parts:

Screen space reflection is a trick that avoids the unfeasible computation of actual reflection, but instead uses what has been rendered on the screen to determine an approximation of the color of the reflected surfaces within the same render image.


little fun fact ; this “bug” even happens in the unreal engine 4 game " Ark survival evolved"
I wonder if Roblxo will one day use better and actual reflections before the UE4 game updates its reflections ?

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Even now you still need an expensive graphics card to run Unreal Engine 5. Real-time raytracing just isn’t worth it for Roblox, who want to run on as many devices as possible.

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