[REFURBISHED] Adonis Guide V2.0

Thank you for your co-operation ma’am.

I mean hovering your mouse over the specific commands do give you a short description on what their operations do, I assumed that was enough. Adonis commands are pretty easy to understand after a while of using anyway. Somethings are more experience than learning.

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side note; i did list the main module bc new ppl will probably use one of those backdoors, unfortunately there are ppl like said user creating those backdoors

No, because I use them for my backdoor and I don’t want them getting patched. (Except the dumb notification fireclient string escape which makes no sense to be in a LBI in the first place)

Alright then, I’ll have a look at your backdoors and find out for myself.

Also to be accurate, Adonis doesn’t use LBI (anymore).

You spend time and effort creating backdoored copies of Adonis that most people wouldn’t see. Neither will you gain anything significant from doing so.

How would I go about doing custom commands? Would I be using the plugins or do I have to manually edit the loader.

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What’s an LBI here? (I’m an idiot)

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Not your credit but rather the incompetence of their developer(s) to blame.


How do i unban someone? i banned a guy by accident

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:unban (username) that is how you unban someone.

You script them in; found in the settings script. It is fairly simple to understand when you locate it. So in other words you manually do it, no plugins are needed. Although you can use plugins for custom commands.

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Added a newer tutorial made by @Expertcoderz : Adonis Admin Setup Guide for Developers
-to hopefully allow better understanding of adonis if you don’t understand my tutorial.


Oh okay thanks, i appreciate it :slight_smile:

Why should I use this instead of Commander?

What specific features do you personally see in Commander that Adonis does not already provide, in the context of your game?

Is there a way to link a Discord webhook to Adonis to log:
-The username (MitchDev47, etc)
-The command (pm: me test, for example)

And is there also a way to do this with moderation commands such as ban, kick, warn, and so on?
-Username of mod
-Punished user
-Reason for command

If this isn’t possible it would be great to know that… but if it is possible, does anyone have a tutorial or whatever? Thanks

It’s obviously possible. In fact, we have provided a simple configurable plugin if you want to set it up quick: https://github.com/Sceleratis/Adonis-Plugins/blob/master/Server/Server-DiscordWebhookLogs.lua
(Copy-paste the file’s contents into a ModuleScript named “Server-WebhookLogs” and placed under Adonis_Loader > Config > Plugins. Then open the script and put in your webhook URL at Line 12.)

Note that since Discord has banned webhooks being sent from Roblox, you’ll have to use a proxy such as this to get any of your webhooks functioning.

Edit 2022-08-12: Updated plugin link.


Fantastic, thank you so much :slight_smile:


Heya just a little additional information in the comments I might be updating this guide soon with some extra details as Adonis did update their system.

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