Reintroducing Hourly Revenue to Creator Analytics

Hi Creators,

We are thrilled to announce that hourly monetization charts are once again available as part of the standard analytics dashboard. The hourly report provides you with a more timely look at spending in your experience and makes it easier to identify the impact recent updates may have had on monetization.

To access hourly monetization, visit the ‘Monetization’ section of your enrolled experience’s analytics dashboard. The new chart will give you an hourly look at the revenue your game has generated (minus Roblox fees and 3rd-party commissions if applicable) over the past 72 hours and will be updated within a few minutes of the end of each hour. You’ll see breakdowns for each revenue source (e.g. Developer Products, Private Servers, Commissions) over the reporting period.

We hope you can take advantage of these hourly reports, along with other monetization KPIs, to more efficiently improve your revenue. Please let us know if you have any feedback.

Cheers to better insights,
The Creator Analytics Team


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I would like to know what game is being used as an example in the photo because a million robux in 72 hours is impressive


Great addition! Just a quick question… Are gamepasses and premium payouts also displayed?


Game passes are displayed as long as the experience has revenue on passes.
Premium payout is not included in the hourly chart.


It’s almost certainly placeholder data; Roblox wouldn’t use actual game revenue stats in a public manner like this (even if the game name isn’t visible). That’s important information if the game is somehow linked.


I’m so glad hourly revenue is back, and we’re able to view the last 72 hours instead of 48 hours now??? Unless if I’m crazy and it was actually 72 previously lol.

Thank you for these additions to the dashboard and the team that is working hard to give us these tools, looks soooooooooo much better compared to the old developer stats page and easier to use! Don’t gotta deal with the precision to aim my cursor at each individual point to use the chart. Really pumped for future additions - what was teased at RDC this year looks really promising hehe.


The hourly revenue chart helped me so much, I figured out 3 new updates for my game which will most likely raise my revenue by at least 10% from this. This also allows me to look into more detail which used to be SO much pain.


Loved the announcement until I looked at the chart and compared it to mine :sob:

I think having a projection of premium payouts in the chart would be a very welcome addition


Quick question, when would you guys add a combination of Premium Payouts + Game Revenue?

I want to know how much I earned in a week, but I currently have to count myself how much premium payout I earned each day of the week and add them all to the Game Revenue. If an easier way already exists please let me know. (Transactions could be useful, however; pending sales kinda distortion things out, I wish there was a way to see a weekly Robux earned)


Glad we have some more analytics now!


This is a great update, being able to actually see hourly data is very informative.

But what is the reason that the daily revenue stats chart is delayed by a few days? The latest day that I can view data from on the chart is the 27th and that is 2 days ago. I really am interested in seeing data live from today and even yesterday. It has been like this since the dashboard has replaced the developer stats page. Hourly data is useful, but I want to see the daily charts updated to the most recent day.


is there any plans to fix the revenue showings for the selected time periods option? currently my revenue showings are extremely inaccurate


In the Photo it shows some of the money being earned from commissions, does anyone know What exactly it is talking about?


Commissions are when a player purchases an avatar item (UGC, Shirt)
The creator of the UGC gets like 30% and you get a 40% commission


How is it impressive? Pretty sure a 10k player game reaches that amount easily in that short period of time.


I don’t see Monetization Analytics under my games Creator dashboard is there a requirement to see these stats for your game or is it not fully rolled out yet?


if you made $3500 every 3 days i’m pretty sure you could move to a tax haven and attend tate’s house parties every night not gonna lie


I’m guessing this shouldn’t be happening?

(Tested in chrome, both with and without extensions (through the user of incognito mode))

Dunno if the direct link is of any use to Roblox staff, and IK normal players can’t access it, but it is here


Same thing for me, Request Failed