Release Notes for 359

Notes for Release 359


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class CoreScriptSyncService : Instance [NotCreatable] [Service] [NotReplicated]

Added Property string PackageLink.Status {RobloxScriptSecurity} [ReadOnly] [NotReplicated]
Added Property string NotificationService.SelectedTheme {RobloxScriptSecurity} [NotReplicated]
Added Property bool Studio.Enable CoreScript Debugger

Added Function void Path:ComputeAsync(DataType<Vector3> start, DataType<Vector3> finish) [Yields]
Added Function void CoreGui:TakeScreenshot() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void CoreGui:ToggleRecording() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function Class<Instance> PathfindingService:CreatePath(Dictionary agentParameters = nil)

Added Event Path.Blocked(int blockedWaypointIdx)

Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.Separator : 74
Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.ButtonBorder : 75
Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.ButtonText : 76
Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.InputFieldBorder : 77
Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.CheckedFieldBackground : 78
Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.CheckedFieldBorder : 79
Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.CheckedFieldIndicator : 80
Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.HeaderSection : 81

Added Tag [Deprecated] to Class PointsService
	Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function PointsService:AwardPoints
	Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function PointsService:GetGamePointBalance

Added Tag [NotScriptable] to Property Workspace.TemporaryLegacyPhysicsSolverOverride

Added Tags [Hidden] [NotReplicated] to Property ImageButton.SliceScale
Added Tags [Hidden] [NotReplicated] to Property ImageLabel.SliceScale

Changed the security of Property ImageButton.SliceScale
	from: {None}
	  to: {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Changed the security of Property ImageLabel.SliceScale
	from: {None}
	  to: {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Changed the serialization of Property Attachment.Axis
	from: 'None'
	  to: 'Load-only'

Changed the serialization of Property Attachment.SecondaryAxis
	from: 'None'
	  to: 'Load-only'

Changed the serialization of Property ImageButton.SliceScale
	from: 'Saves & Loads'
	  to: 'None'

Changed the serialization of Property ImageLabel.SliceScale
	from: 'Saves & Loads'
	  to: 'None'

Removed Property Studio.Use Accurate Play Solo

Removed Tag [NotReplicated] from Property Lighting.Technology

ooo someones in trouble

Neat updates, though. Seeing GetAsync and PostAsync using RequestAsync makes me hopeful for a deprecation of the former two.


I can not wait for Packages.

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Specifying assets by hash was never intended to be used. If this was done for obfuscation purposes stop doing it.

I don’t understand. Are we talking asset IDs? Is there a hash of some kind you can supply in stead of an AssetID to load an asset in game? If so, why is it necessarily a bad thing?

More updates on Packages? That’s another box on my hype truck. I’ve been waiting for those since the Roadmap dropped so I can experiment with them and perhaps distribute some of my own. I also just want to use them. So bad.


I’m guessing that some people were trying to obfuscate their game asset ids by using the asset’s hash signature instead of its asset id. That… isn’t securing anything. The hash is the key to actually getting the asset. If you have an asset’s hash, you can download it from Roblox’s CDN directly.

No need to be alarmed though, it’s impractical to guess the hash of an asset.

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Specifying assets by hash was never intended to be used. If this was done for obfuscation purposes stop doing it.

What is the change, and what happens when it goes live? Do users who were using this method for obfuscation purposes get sent a stern letter?



  • Fixed something.
  • Fixed something else.
  • Fix another thing.
  • Fixed yet another thing.


  • Noticeably fewer fixes this week. Cannot fathom why.


Yes. All asset versions are stored using hashes. Asset versions are redirected to hashes when downloading assets. Using an asset id is the same as using the latest asset version for the id.

I don’t know why it is necessarily bad – as Roblox has not explained why – but I can think of multiple possible reasons:

  • Maybe it won’t be supported forever
  • Maybe it skips some logging Roblox does
  • Maybe some assets have their asset id “removed” but the hashed version remains, allowing use of moderated assets
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The release notes are generated automatically from internal tickets that are associated with the client release, based on descriptions and flags submitted by engineers. The ideal goal is to make it so there doesn’t need to be an editorial pass on the submitted release notes, but evidently some work is still needed.

The organization of notes seems to be based on whether the ticket was created as a feature request or a bug fix.


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