Release Notes for 393

Notes for Release 393


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Function Dictionary MarketplaceService:GetSubscriptionStatus(Instance player, int64 subscriptionId) [Yields]
Added Function void MarketplaceService:PromptSubscriptionCancellation(Instance player, int64 subscriptionId)
Added Function void MarketplaceService:PromptSubscriptionPurchase(Instance player, int64 subscriptionId)
Added Function void MarketplaceService:SignalPromptSubscriptionCancellationFinished(Instance player, int64 subscriptionId, bool wasCanceled) {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void MarketplaceService:SignalPromptSubscriptionPurchaseFinished(Instance player, int64 subscriptionId, bool wasPurchased) {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Event MarketplaceService.PromptSubscriptionCancellationFinished(Instance player, int64 subscriptionId, bool wasCanceled)
Added Event MarketplaceService.PromptSubscriptionCancellationRequested(Instance player, int64 subscriptionId) {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Event MarketplaceService.PromptSubscriptionPurchaseFinished(Instance player, int64 subscriptionId, bool wasPurchased)
Added Event MarketplaceService.PromptSubscriptionPurchaseRequested(Instance player, int64 subscriptionId) {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Event StudioService.OnPublishPlaceToRoblox() {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added EnumItem InfoType.Subscription : 3

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Is this something like dev subscriptions or Roblox subscription stuff? :eyes:


Did someone say subscriptions? Pretty excited for this feature, as it’ll take more load off developers if they wanted to implement it in their game.


I’m surprised subscriptions weren’t mentioned in the release notes.
Maybe there’s a few more stages to fully shipping it.


My dear sir, I love your work. Nevertheless, I’d like to cordially inform you that I have no uncorrected eyesight issues, and do not require 9000x magnification.

But thanks for the highlighted API changes.


If this is dev subscriptions, am I the only one thinking about how they will fight against games simply not implementing subscription cancellation requested? :eyes:

When the player cancels, I’d suppose that’s it. Whether the game successfully processes it or not, that’s the creator’s issue.

Roblox’s priority has been in the past, as it should be, to ensure the end users purchases exactly what they want, not more nor less.


Taking a closer look.

local MarketplaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")
MarketplaceService:PromptSubscriptionCancellation(Player, SubscriptionID)

There’s actually a PromptSubscriptionCancellation.

So maybe there will be a spot on the web where you can cancel subscriptions. Because if you have to do so in the game. I still do think some games not implementing it may be an issue. :eyes:

What I mean is that regardless of this being implemented, Roblox must provide a way for the end user to keep track of all their spending, and cancel any recurring charges.

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Really excited to see the subscriptions api being implemented, :sweat_smile: will save me time from making my own one.

Wondering if the reason why it wasn’t included in the release notes and no information on the wiki is because they’re planning to announce it at RDC?


Subscriptions are going to be so niceeeeee, I cannot wait :smiley:

Subscriptions are great. I can’t wait. You could make custom VIP servers, ranks, special abilities, and pretty much anything with the bonus of it being timed. Obviously, this may be bad for players, however with proper implementation this can help change Roblox for the better.

However, as Clone said:

That could mean that Developer Subscriptions (or whatever they are called) are not finished yet, and it may/may not be released just in time for RDC.


I can actually see a lot of use for subscriptions. It’s a feature I’m excited to use. Manual subscriptions were often tough to handle or sometimes they wouldn’t achieve what we need adequately.

I’m interested to see how other developers plan to use this feature when it comes out. I assume one such case would be for non-stack multipliers lasting n amount of time.


Oh boy. As a developer, I can already see the dollar signs, but as a player… I will never buy a subscription for anything on Roblox.

Also rip context help menu stuff. You won’t be missed.


This has been mentioned before in the thread, but:

While subscription services are great, and Roblox may have a web-accessible way to cancel game subscriptions, if there isn’t an on-site option, that would leave players to go to the game to cancel subscriptions, which presents the additional issue of the script for cancellation simply being excluded from the game scripting. Additionally, there’s the scenario that the player is banned from the game. Would games be required to stop banning players if they want to keep offering subscription services?

This is going off of the assumption that there will not be a web-accessible way to cancel game subscriptions which is a mindbogglingly silly assumption. There is approximately a 0% chance that players will have to cancel subscriptions from in-game.


It’s been quite a while, has there been any progress towards the Subscription System release so far?


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