July 2019 Recap: Big changes and lots of hype!

Hey developers,

It’s a little late because we had so much work to do preparing for RDC, but here’s our Monthly Recap for July!

Job Listings

Roblox is hiring! We’re looking for members of our developer community to fill these roles:

  • Front End Lua Engineer - Growth: apply here.


We want to thank all of the developers who participated in our live-ops events. Their events ranged from pinata parties to terrifying Yetis, and we appreciated the developers who worked with us on events for their games.

Interested in applying to have your game featured for a live-ops event? You can read all about it here: Roblox 2019 Events Update

Developer Content: Developer Spotlights

In the past months, we put the spotlight on a few developers and their Roblox development stories. Learn about some of your peers here:

Developer Content: Special Developer Publications

We also published an article written by @jandel and another article about Adopt Me! shattering the record for concurrent players:

Updates and Changes

A lot of changes have been made to the platform in the past two months - check out what new features and updates you may have missed:

Release Notes

Check out our release notes as well for any changes to our API you may not be aware of:


RDC was an absolute blast! We loved meeting everyone who was able to attend in Burlingame and London!

We released our blog article earlier this week with some of our highlights: https://blog.roblox.com/2019/08/highlights-rdc-2019/

Stay tuned for more pictures from the event!

A more in-depth look at RDC2019 will be featured in the August recap. :slight_smile:

Developer Relations


July was one of the biggest months for Roblox in a long time, I hope the amazing updates continue!


I am happy those changes were made, I hope roblox continues with these updates, these 2 months were amazing and full of exciting features!


Hey there. Congratulations on everything that’s been done recently. Is there any update on Roblox premium. There seems to be little information on it?


The title was a good catch. July was definitely very hype, especially with RDC and many great updates underway. Long-awaited features being addressed and pushed, happy developers and maybe some upset ones, but the spirit of giving is back in high gear.

As always, it’s time for me to give my own little review-of-the-month post. Here I go.

Roblox Developers Conference

Although there was no Europe RDC this year, that didn’t make the power and spirit of RDC any less valid. I wasn’t there at the actual event but I made sure to track all the breakout sessions and documents in order to further my knowledge on future plans and learn some new things.

I haven’t finished watching all the breakout session videos yet, but by far my favourite presentations are from Adam Miller and Arseny Kapoulkine (respectively: Year in Review, Year Coming Up and Lua as Fast as Possible). Being a huge fan of future prospects for Roblox and technical learning, these two easily ranked first out of the presentations I’ve watched.

On an unrelated note… I was somewhat surprised to see my name on the Roblox logo during Justin Sousa’s presentation (respectively: State of the Roblox Community). That morning when I woke up, I had a ton of messages and pings about me appearing in RDC and I was wildly confused. :confounded:

Overall though, I’m hoping to go to an RDC within the coming years. I’ve been home for most offline Roblox events but one day I’ll rack up the courage and get out there. RDC seems like a valuable and fun experience, so I’d definitely like to present myself there one day.


A long time ago when LiveOps was initially announced, I was amongst the wagon of people who spoke negatively about it but didn’t strongly oppose it. I just felt that LiveOps did not do Roblox events justice and took away a valuable part of the community experience; events based on holidays and sponsorships where users could win free items and play awesome games.

I’m still not the biggest fan of LiveOps and the post I initially made on the thread still stands today, but with the release of UGC (which I will talk about later, in August’s release), I might just gain a twinge of faith in LiveOps. I don’t have much more to say, but awesome work I guess.

Congratulations to those who were featured in this cycle’s LiveOps and good luck to those who are planning to apply for it as well.

Updates and Changes

July and August have been one of the more hype months for updates. Not sure whether this post is meant to encompass August or not as well, but even so, the updates are on a very good-looking lineup. As always, I’m going to be discussing what I think should be highlighted or updates that I liked.

  • Changes to Top Contributor and other distinctive forum titles: It’s nice to see that the programs were rebranded as community titles and ways to seek promotion within the Developer Forum rather than outright scrapped. Originally, they weren’t of much use and nothing that big; they just helped with member recommendations and such. On the bright side, there’s also ways to gain more titles - time for Post Approval! :eyes: Lastly, I’m glad to be within the first batch of new Top Contributors when this was announced. :smile:

  • Faster Lua VM: The changes to the Lua VM are simply amazing and I can’t express it myself with these words: you’ll just have to test it out for yourself, read the posts and watch Arseny’s RDC presentation. Just remember that a faster Lua VM doesn’t mean you can avoid practice and performance problems though! :grimacing:

Again, like what I said in the May and June Recap, times are-a-busy. There are updates to be cranked out, features to be abused experimented with and games to look forward to. Thanks for your hard work during such a busy time, Developer Relations!

Also, some of you are in school by now. And for those of you who aren’t, that’s coming up soon.

Cheers for a growing future and to the awesome tools we’re being provided. :tada:


A lot of good updates and changes, Roblox just keeps getting better, on the topic of changes

Can you guys please fill us in on Premium, and it’s features and the changes that come with it from BC. I seen a image of the update page and it’s very vague, im not alone with this I seen others talking on discord about it.
I’d like to know more before I consider getting it when the time comes

I didn’t see it mentioned here so I had to make a comment.

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By when can applicants expect a response? I noticed that someone in a similar post seemingly never got a reply to their application, so I’m curious to know if rejection emails are sent out at all. If there is a set date and I never get a response by said date, then I can safely assume the status of my application.

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