Release Notes for 419

Notes for Release 419


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property bool StudioData.EnableScriptCollabByDefaultOnLoad {PluginSecurity} [Hidden]

Added Event StudioService.BulkImportFinished(int state) {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Changed the return-type of Function StudioService:LaunchBulkImport from int to void

Removed Property LuaSettings.GcFrequency
Removed Property LuaSettings.GcLimit
Removed Property LuaSettings.GcPause
Removed Property LuaSettings.GcStepMul
Removed Property NetworkSettings.ArePhysicsRejectionsReported
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PrintBits
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PrintEvents
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PrintProperties
Removed Property NetworkSettings.ClientPhysicsSendRate
Removed Property NetworkSettings.DataGCRate
Removed Property NetworkSettings.IsQueueErrorComputed
Removed Property NetworkSettings.NetworkOwnerRate
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PhysicsSendRate
Removed Property NetworkSettings.UsePhysicsPacketCache
Removed Property Studio.RecentSavesDir

Removed Function NetworkServer:GetClientCount

Removed Tag [Yields] from Function StudioService:LaunchBulkImport

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I like that pressing a number while the emote menu is open plays that emote. However,

Didn’t Roblox learn the mistake of doing this last time, with the B key? I guess the . is less used as a functioning key but the same problem still arises.


we just need the ability to remap keybindings in the game settings menu really. I’d probably use ` (backtick) as my keybind for this, as it would make sense being next to the number row


It’s currently being used for the backpack.

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That key was previously reserved for rotating the camera, so it should be safer


The issue with using symbol keys, as . is used in this case, is that they can often require key-combos to be activated. A good example of this is the chat key, which in several European keyboards must be activated by using Shift + 7, a behavior which didn’t work most of the time until recently.

I hope that the same mistake is not made with this, and that Roblox tests this change on other keyboard mappings that differ from the standard US one.


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