February 2020 Recap: In case you missed it

Hey developers,

The shortest month of the year has come and gone, but let’s take a look at everything that February brought!

Updates and Changes

[Update] Collaborative Editing is going to be the new default in Team Create

The title is pretty descriptive, but in case you missed it: Collaborative Editing is the new default for Team Create. Read up on how to use it in the announcement!

[Activated!] Sleeping Part Behavior Improvements

Even Parts need their beauty sleep. Catch some Zs and also what’s new in the announcement!

Introducing Premium Payouts!

There’s a whole new feature to let you rake in the ‘bux passively (or aggressively, if you so desire) based on Premium users’ engagement in your game. Learn all about it the announcement!

Luau Recap: February 2020

A recap within a recap? What is this?! Actually, this is a recap of how Luau has progressed from its beta release in January through late February. Take a look!

Object Insertion Workflow Improvements [Beta #2]

nsgriff is back to tell you about an improvement that was made without telling you what that improvement is. Click on over to that announcement to read more and not gain any clarity so that we can collect your pure, unbiased feedback.

Introducing Camera Toggle

There’s a brand new camera mode. This is kind of a visual thing, so looking at the video demo in the announcement will probably help you more than words can.

Roblox Summer 2020 Internship Opportunities!

Interested in landing an internship at Roblox this summer? Well, unfortunately, you did miss your opportunity there. During February, we turned to our wonderful developer community to apply for summer internships. Did you throw your hat in the ring?

Luau in Studio beta!

Gotta go fast! Beyond just typed Lua, Luau entails a faster runtime as well. Learn more by reading the announcement!

Packages: Sharing & Collaboration [Activated!]

Delivery! You can now share instances and groups of instances with other developers to better help you collaborate with your team. Read all about it!

Batch Commits for Collaborative Editing are now available!

Whew, now you can commit your scripts in bulk! Pretty straightforward, the announcement is a quick read (hint hint)!

Change To Humanoid Animate LocalScript

You’ll just have to read this one. The description would just be repeating the whole post.

Changes to Developer Forum trust level names

We changed things up with the DevForum again - “New Members” are now “Members”, and “Members” are now “Regulars”. Confused? Take a look at the announcement to learn more.

Save the Date: RDC 2020!

Old news, but new story: RDC invites have begun getting sent out. Grab yours before it’s too late!

Why Some Games Work and Others Don’t

A Medium article by @Molegul delving into game design and learning from success and failure. Check it out!

Release Notes

More numbers.

February was BUSY! Can’t wait to see what fun and exciting things March will bring!

Developer Relations


Oh wow, I missed some of this stuff! It’s been a great month; especially hype from that streaming test.

The sleeping part improvements were long overdue - I’d been struggling with that for years. Premium Payouts is neat, even if I’m still not entirely sold on the upselling part of it. The second beta of the object insertion workflow definitely cleaned up a lot of issues I had with the first beta, and you already know how I feel about Luau :stuck_out_tongue:

The future is indeed bright :slightly_smiling_face:


I missed everything because I was too focused on playing the amazing games the developers did!


Been an awesome month hope roblox keeps growing and giving developers new opportunities and advantages so we never give up!


Lots of really cool stuff came out this month! Can’t wait to see lots more stuff from ROBLOX!


It’s shocking how quickly is goes by! This month has been amazing and I thank all those Developers out there :slight_smile:


Really great month !
Can’t wait for the next features to come.


I miss this so much man But i can’t wait until the future has to bring for all of us in roblox.


I agree, some games recently have made amazing updates.


Luau’s really getting interesting now with all the new additions, soon we’ll be the speed of light with it.
Looking forward to what the future beholds for Luau and other features.

Attributes soon perhaps?!


… I just realized it’s March! Wow. Time flies by. February had so much exciting news and new features!

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Thank you all so much for the new and awesome features that came out in February. Excited to see what you all got in store for March!

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Despite being the shortest month, it introduced some amazing things, it was really cool. One of them being the video test, possibility of video frames is beyond amazing. Great month.


February - the shortest and most epic month for Roblox. Hopefully March is going to be as epic!

Godefficients please open the RDC category for us c;


Wow, It’s been a great month for ROBLOX.

I can’t wait for these next months!


You forgot this


What a fantastic month. 2019 and 2020 have been pretty big, and 2020 hasn’t disappointed yet. I’m mostly excited about FiB Phase 3. Hopefully it comes out at some point in this year.

The numbers, Mason!

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February’s one of those sweet spots of the year for me not just because it’s my birthday month or it’s the shortest time of the year, but I’ve felt that a lot of the more interesting things have happened for me this month around. Time’s ticking away and starting to become more valuable to have every second spent wisely; a wave of new responsibilities to attend to and a renewed sense of importance and willing to work away at my development projects.

Swooping in, fairly late and buried down, but here nonetheless as per a fun little personal tradition, my own retrospective for the month. For this month, most of the content here will be about platform progress rather than news because I feel there wasn’t much to go around.

DevForum - New Post Approvers & A Personal Brief

As mentioned by @ColdCrazyGoku once again (the other time being in October), we do have new friends on board for the Community Post Approval program! Cheers for noticing these wonderful additions. Please warmly welcome the following to the team:

  • Mariofly5
  • sircfenner
  • BlockFaceSteve
  • younite
  • EncodedLua
  • Quenty

I remember back in October when three new people were added - Mullets_Gavin, railworks2 and myself. I never truly expected myself to be extended an invite even when I expressed blind interest in joining the team, but I’ve come to realise more than ever that I cherish the DevForum as a learning resource and I love to help people out. It’s a great feeling and adds to my short and sweet list of accomplishments on the platform for the 10 years I’ve been here. I love this role.

With new members on the Post Approval team, I feel like our strength will go up. There is a much broader range of opinion and expertise to be brought to light when discussing posts and we can demolish our backlogs much more quickly (ever tell you of the time we had over 150 requests?). As well, there’s more people to go around to share what always seems to be a hefty inbox.

I look forward to working with these people in Post Approval. As always, you can always catch me around and I’ll be happy to help you the best I can if possible, but make sure you’ve consulted existing resources first! I have a Post Approval Notices thread that I use (it does not represent the state of the team for others) to convey information about my involvement in PA or things that should be obvious. I am also always open for feedback to improve how I handle PA and thread title edits.

Cheers all! :slightly_smiling_face:

Updates and Changes

Monthly recaps are great for, as the name states, recapping. If you’ve missed something or feel that you lack information on what’s new and improved, reading recaps always helps to fill in those gaps of knowledge for you. Every month I am excited to know what Roblox has in store for us - and if you read my January retrospective, then also specifically what I am looking forward to.

Here’s some of my favourites:

  • Sleeping Part Behaviour Improvements: I’ve always been a little touchy when it comes to relying on physics in Roblox but there are cases where I’ve needed it and lacked what I needed to make things work out very well. With sleeping parts improved, I believe I can finally regain the confidence in working with unanchored parts and the like.

  • Introducing Premium Payouts: I was on the fence about this update after thinking things through for a while. A nice discussion on a DevForum Discord and some personal reflection helped me to realise that this may very well be what I want to pursue both passively and aggressively, context dependent. Right now, even a little amount of Robux born out of retention is valuable and we need to value whatever we can get. Furthermore, if this causes more Premium purchases, I am hoping we will start seeing these returns directly in our DevEx.

  • Packages: Sharing & Collaboration: Woohoo, new phase for packages! I am an avid user of packages right now and have used them quite extensively in a few projects of mine. I am still waiting for the beta to progress since there’s a few features I’m waiting for specifically in regards to permissions. Also, package selling is an interesting prospect. I’d love to see how that plays out. Perhaps sometime in the future we could also use packages and couple that with package selling to replace all those closed source programs users made in a time before. A plus, no more program key purchases since sales would be natively supported.

And with that, I conclude my retrospective. I don’t have a lot to say this time around in the conclusion, so, look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you to all the heroes at Roblox and in the community contributing to make the platform a great environment and the DevForum a great resource for learning, problem solving and discussing development.


Woohoo! February update is amazing for Roblox studio. Let’s see what’s new in this March month. :smile:


Roblox brings a really fantastic month with the look with February updates, and I hope to see more important things in March; with exciting updates and features that I really like to see more! It really brings everyone’s creativity by Powering Imagination.

The future comes brighter than ever! :sunny: