Release Notes for 439

Notes for Release 439


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property bool Studio.Search Content For Core Scripts
Added Property bool Studio.Indent Using Spaces

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Optimized solver.

What solver specifically?


It’s that time of the week again with the Release Notes, let me see what is new and some questions.

I see that Luau is now putting out a warning for => is what I think, and what will the new suggested token be in that manner?

Also, what is the Optimized solver, and what specific solver as what @RuizuKun_Dev pointed out?

That’s great to hear that terrain is improved with gameplay, especially one of my games which uses 95% terrain. :eyes:

Already saw this earlier and wanted to say it again: I like this and it will affect meshes a lot!

A quick question about Surface Appearance is that will we have to copy and paste the mesh texture or something? It seemed to work but I felt like I was doing something wrong.


This is actually a huge optimization:

Is it what I think it is? Every game with smooth terrain will be about 40% faster? If so, that’s an absolutely amazing optimization! With SurfaceAppearance and further realism additions under way, performance improvements become a must, so thank you!

Also, this change is pretty nice, too:

Maybe in the future, there can be more shapes for thumbnails? I’m sure hexagons would be a must for sci-fi games. And, it can make cool a hover effect such as changing shapes on hover.


ewwwwww!!! Spaces for indents are gross!! :face_vomiting:

I am noticing a trend with things getting faster… Can we potentially get mega fast bulk ray casts for our everyday geometric reconstruction needs…? :wink:


Quick follow up: This would be cool for icons, too. To have different shapes when hovering over icons/ just passively without hover.

Something else would be to have a short animation or video play when hovering over an icon. And for thumbnails, there could be effects (like you mentioned) like slightly moving characters within the picture, the screen turning red, etc. It would be different from a video in that it that the picture would not change, it would just have extra layered on effects.

Another thing: Similar to how Netflix and Youtube does their shows and videos:

Have games you hover over on the sort “expand” and show more, while not overlapping.

And video previews, for icons. That would be amazing.

Last thing: This has already been mentioned multiple times, but hooray for terrain optimization. I love terrain and it’s always been a shame that it’s been so laggy.

I’m a huge fan of the terrain updates as it has been a problem at large sizes in the past.

However, I’m still getting this, when using StreamingEnabled and graphics at maximum quality:

Is this intended? The blending looks really weird and creates pockets of emptiness.


Jailbreak uses a bunch of terrain! We can’t wait to check out the performance improvements! What a lovely surprise.


I hope Roblox doesn’t turn into a space indenting majority like most other platforms already are. Is it tabs or spaces by default? I hope tabs.

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Out of the loop here: was it that extensive use of terrain caused performance problems in games? I thought terrain was pretty optimised, with LOD and everything. One of my games has 704K voxels of terrain but I feel that isn’t where the performance drops are coming from.

Probably should ask about environment optimisation help in Building Support but this one catches my eye. I’m wondering how noticeable this would be and on which games would notice said performance improvements (e.g. small bits of terrain having negligible performance increases or still being significant like what I assume is the case for terrain-extensive games).


My game uses a terrain map of size 10.000 x 10.000, with mountains around the edges and multiple hills in between.

LoD has always, and is still buggy. However, the terrain itself was a source of performance drops.

In an empty place containing just the terrain, I would get 40-50 FPS depending on the location, at maximum graphics with my RX 580 and Ryzen 3 3200g.

The more we cut on the terrain to optimize it, the more the FPS increased.

We’ve since then cut a gigantic amount of cells (which I did not keep track of the exact number). We’re currently experiencing 60 FPS at all locations.

So… yes, extensive use of terrain was a problem. Even with StreamingEnabled.


I hope these two are somehow related and that terrain LOD generation has been optimized overall. The LOD updates for terrain (updateTerrainPrepare > updateLod label in the microprofiler) usually take up half or more of the total terrain-related compute time in our game.


How updated are these “Pending/Live” pages? I’m looking at past releases and there’s pending items from months ago. I’m dying to know when these terrain improvements go live.


It’s a bit inconsistent given that some engineers rename FFlags whenever they need to make another attempt at enabling a flag.

Did you see a specific release note that you’re interested in the status of?


The terrain LOD and performance items!


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