Servers crashing. Clients' disconnect;"check internet connection"' or get crash popup

Bug occurs since: 7/15/20, around Wednesday afternoon. The game is a stable version from 7/4/20.

I determined when the game broke down using the statistics below:

Signifying Game Stats

The amount of visits is maintained. Since my June 23 update, 10 minutes playtime has been the norm. Due to recent crash and disconnect, it is now pulled down to 5 minutes.

Developer Stats:


Using “Blade” there’s a clear decline in concurrents:


As more accurately expressed by “RoMonitor” estimated playtime than DevStats:

Release Notes 439 and 440 coincided the bug:

439 and 440

Release Notes for 439

Release Notes for 440

Server crashes on occasion; playing longer increases the chance of witnessing crash. The problem is expressed on the client in two forms:


Ping stays falsely low. Just a sudden freeze of other characters indicate the lost connection, the meter is of no use:

Frame over frame performance is fine, there is no frame lag:

The ship sinks locally, and characters are positioned relative to the local model. Those relative positions need to replicate, and not doings so we see characters walk in place:

The alienated client can still walk around. Sometimes for minutes. Before finally it registers that they have disconnected entirely:
This coincides the entire server dying.

Players crash:
Players now frequently have a full on crash as well. I crashed myself, and checked with a playtester at the time that it was only me. The server was still open and I was able to rejoin in this case:


For Engineers:


I have had this exact issue with my games as well. All players who are members on out Discord have been telling me about this ever since Wednesday. Similar visit stats and everything. Glad that you posted this as maybe it will shed light on this fairly major issue. Fingers crossed this can be fixed.


I’ve been noticing this happening frequently in more bigger more realistic type games where users will either disconnect from the game or get a crash error. I have no clue of what could be causing the issue as in most games it always shows something different that’s replicating, but never anything useful to finding out what the issue is. I could suggest it may be something on RBOLOX’s part with games such as this or it may just be something in the game causing the error.

Hopefully, they do acknowledge this soon and take a look into it because bigger games have been losing a lot of players due to this.


I’m seeing this in my game too. It seems like a server will stay up for <20 minutes before resetting, with the same behavior that players sometimes get a full disconnect (517 error code) and sometimes can still move around in the world for a bit but stop receiving new data from the server.

We’re tracking session start/ends for our game, and I’m seeing 18% of our sessions ending prematurely due to the Roblox server crashing. We published a new update on Monday, and this started happening sometime on Wednesday.

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We’re also seeing this same issue. Servers last for a few hours and then the entire server is evacuated showing the error in OP’s post.

I haven’t seen it myself but it looks like players are being told the game’s permissions have changed when they try to rejoin that server again and their connection is dropped again. Specifically this error when trying to join the server that dropped connections:

and occasionally this one:

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Every game I play this happens. This is game breaking.


This is still happening for us, our game is here: Murder Party - Roblox

The times I’ve seen this happening live, the last log message is emitted just before we update our DataStore to award players the gems they collected in a match (using DataStore2). After that, we reset movable parts in the level (If the server is crashing, it’s possible the log message just before we start resetting parts is never sent?).

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There seems to be many ways that servers are crashing, getting unresponsive, or just outright making gameplay unplayable this year…

Our game has ping skyrocket but the players ingame don’t get kicked, even if they wait for over five minutes with everyone still frozen ingame.

Feels like singleplayer.

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Some games I play on roblox lose internet connection frequently and its quite annoying, honestly. One game I play, called Kohls Admin House, is one of them that I disconnect from every time. When i disconnect, i get the basic internet connection error, but rejoining shows the id = 17 error, because i seem to still be on the server that i disconnected from. I mostly disconnect from it when my character gets respawned or changed to many times. Could be a clue to what makes you disconnect, but Im not sure if its the cause.

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Anyone else still having this issue?


It seems to have fixed on our games as of this afternoon. Not sure whether that was by coincidence or because of an actual patch.

@somewhatwreckless Though it’s audacious to say for certain there’s a trend supporting this idea in my OP game as well.
Edit: This trend has sustained for half a day now.

8/12/20 Edit: This problem ceased and hasn’t returned for over two weeks.