Release Notes for 450

Notes for Release 450


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property float Camera.DiagonalFieldOfView
Added Property Enum<FieldOfViewMode> Camera.FieldOfViewMode
Added Property float Camera.MaxAxisFieldOfView
Added Property bool MeshPart.DoubleSided {✏️PluginSecurity} [NotScriptable]
Added Property double NetworkSettings.IncomingReplicationLag

Added Enum FieldOfViewMode
	Added EnumItem FieldOfViewMode.Vertical : 0
	Added EnumItem FieldOfViewMode.Diagonal : 1
	Added EnumItem FieldOfViewMode.MaxAxis : 2

Changed the category of Property Camera.FieldOfView 
	from: "Data"
	  to: "Camera"

Changed the parameters of Function ScriptDebugger:SetGlobal 
	from: (string name, Variant value)
	  to: (string name, Variant value, int stackFrame)

Removed Property GameSettings.ChatHistory
Removed Property GameSettings.ReportAbuseChatHistory
Removed Property GameSettings.VideoQuality
Removed Property LuaSettings.AreScriptStartsReported
Removed Property LuaSettings.DefaultWaitTime
Removed Property LuaSettings.WaitingThreadsBudget
Removed Property NetworkSettings.IncommingReplicationLag
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PrintFilters
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PrintTouches

Removed Enum VideoQualitySettings
	Removed EnumItem VideoQualitySettings.LowResolution
	Removed EnumItem VideoQualitySettings.MediumResolution
	Removed EnumItem VideoQualitySettings.HighResolution

(Click here for a syntax highlighted version!)


What is the default behaviour for this? Is the new bubble chat on by default? I’d hope it isn’t because then I’d need to go through the trouble of disabling it on all my games.

I’d also hope that the new bubble chat code is automatically voided by having a BubbleChat LocalScript in the Chat service. What API is this exactly?


So… does that mean you only get one message?


Oh my goodness…

IDK what those FOV modes really mean, but hopefully they will be able to be changed with scripts. I envision this as a way to add some cinematic filming effects. But still IDK how they would look like in images, so it’d be great if one of the engineers can share a comparison image here between the three modes.

Amazing update! :slight_smile:


Field of View has to be measured with respect to something. By default, it’s measured with respect to the Height of the viewport (notice that when you resize your window’s width the size of the objects in the scene doesn’t change, but when you resize the height it does). This property lets you change which dimension of the screen it is measured relative to.

It’s set up in a slightly weird way with the multiple properties in order to preserve backwards compatibility.


:crab: IncommingReplicationLag is gone :crab:

This is a landmark change that will impact generations to come.


Finally! No more having to create the humanoid on the server to apply the description just to send it to one client.


Looks like meshes can finally be used for those cool mirror viewport frames :clap::clap:


Can I ask in what way they were improved?


Somehow the Notes for it got released early and some features, not too common for that to happen.


I’ve messed around with these new camera settings the day when bug-reports rolled in and they just felt like the “old” FieldOfView properties that were here for many years now, possible the DiagonalFieldOfView and MaxAxisFieldOfView might be interesting to fork into.

It’s nice to see some camera improvements and features, but maybe a smoother camera for the current camera for the Roblox Engine or Roblox Studio in the future?

Similar to what colbert2677 was saying for the new ChatService API, where will this be inside Roblox Studio and what-else can we fork instead of text, colors, and maybe animation tweening, my best guess is that it’s in the Chat property inside Explorer.


Having WaitForChild() spammed whenever I used a tool or made a script with this function called onto another function was painful for my output with another error showing which flooded and ruined my experience, hopefully, it says this: ....WaitForChild().... x5

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This was also in:

whats the deal with that?

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IIRC Release Notes are automatically generated and then posted, so whatever process they’re using happened to pick up an update from a previous release note. This isn’t the first time that something from a previous release note has been added into a newer one, happens quite a bit actually.


It’s based on their internal system, so it just means the item attached to that change was not yet closed, so it appears again in this release.


This specific duplication typically happens when there were significant enough issues with the initial implementation / API of a feature that it was mostly thrown away and redone.


Alright, thank you for clarifying. I was referencing this post when duplication happened in a previous Release Note (I just happened to find the post, since I wanted to link that earlier):


I’ve worked on the new bubble chat - to answer your questions: the API for enabling it will be a checkbox under Chat service, though it has not been enabled yet. No worries, it will be off by default.


Could we also get modifiable viewport size + offset? Or make ViewportFrame powerful enough to replace the current viewport, would allow for cool and interesting effects

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What if instead of a boolean for double sided MeshParts, there was a property that can be used for this along with mesh mirroring and/or normal flipping?


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