Release Notes for 453

Notes for Release 453


The changes for 453 are a bit unusual to report on, as this version has effectively been skipped over.
See my API Changes for more details:

Client Difference Log

API Changes

Version 0.453.0.412965 had a critical bug which caused data loss, so it was rolled back and never shipped. Instead, a patch was shipped: 0.452.2.413165, which added this mitigation function to help developers identify if there were any inconsistencies in their data:

Added Function Variant DataStoreService:GetDataFromEmptyScopeDataStoreAsyncTemporary(string name, string key) [Yields] [Deprecated]

(Click here for a syntax highlighted version!)





Wait so is this 453 or 452.2?
Do we just assume 0.453.0.412965 is now 0.452.2.413165.

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To clarify, these release notes are relaying what was supposed to ship in v453, minus the rolled back DataStore API changes.

Effectively, the changes of both v453 and v454 have been merged into one big update for v454.
The changes that originally were specific to v454 should follow shortly.


The release notes mention this:

ApplyDescription will take an additional argument which is the following Enum:

Since there is no explicit way to avoid asset type verification, as ‘Default’ is up to Roblox’s desired settings and ‘ClientOnly’ will enforce this on clients (and thus not on servers), I’m assuming ‘ClientOnly’ is now required for all use of the ApplyDescription API on Servers when not using ‘official’ avatar items.

I hope there will be some sort of warning to developers using this that ‘Default’ might change in the future for security reasons, requiring them to update their games. As not providing this optional AssetTypeVerification argument means the enforcement of verification will be up to Roblox and can be changed in future releases. If Roblox decides that the default security of this method should be changed from ‘ClientOnly’ to ‘Always’, this could impact a lot of games.

Relevant topic where the majority of developers who voted in the poll expressed that this change could somehow break their game:


With the updated rotate dragger, I’d love to have the degrees of rotation be shown. Obviously, sometimes it may be annoying, but most times, it’s good to have that precision. So, a setting would be nice to toggle it.

Something like this


We have been in version 454 since yesterday and only today the release note for version 453 was generated …
Why is there so much delay in these publications?


Is this API for creating meshes in realtime?


The update is great, but adding a number with the current rotation would certainly improve it!


A moment of silence for <<<ROOT>>> because it is now inaccessible in the type system.


Please look more closely at the circumstances around what occurred last week. Version 453 was reverted last week and we skipped to 454 this week, following a critical data loss bug with 453. LuaCow did not receive any internal release notification so he didn’t act on it last week.

Again, the whole release notes publishing flow is more or less a one man show here, my role is a volunteer thing which I coordinate with LuaCow on, but there were some highly unusual circumstances last week which resulted in this delay.

We’re trying to reconcile and catch up now that things are back to normal.


Do you have any history of the 453 dump in the sitetest1 or sitetest2 branches on your client tracker. Probably wouldn’t be too hard since I’m fairly sure GitHub saves old commits.

found it:


Well… funny you should mention that. The commit history of the client tracker revolves around a lot of detached heads that aren’t actually kept around on record for more than a few weeks.

The commit flow that my bot uses at the moment is… extremely backwards, in that it forks from the production branch and tries to pull from its parent upstream whenever the parent branch receives a commit, instead of merging its own changes upstream when they are effectively merged into the parent.

If there’s a merge conflict (which eventually does happen) it just gives up and does a hard reset against the parent branch, and then recommits what its trying to change so there’s no more merge conflict.

It’s a horrible mess and I want to rework it to flow the other way around, but there are some annoying caveats to that approach as well. For now its good enough™ and I’ll improve it when I have more spare time.


We will be encouraging people to use Humanoid:ApplyDescription with the second argument as Enum.AssetTypeVerification.ClientOnly on the server if they want to use models with HumanoidDescriptions.

There is no way to turn off AssetTypeVerification on the client since this would have security issues and be less useful anyway since you wouldn’t be able to load private assets owned by the game developer anyway. We do not allow loading of models with HumanoidDescription on the client to avoid the risk of games being able to load models owned by the player.



Seems nice that there are more things coming to the rotate tool inside Roblox Studio.

@TheCarbyneUniverse I did make a feature request on adding the # of angles rotated/moved around a certain Instance inside Roblox Studio, you can bump that or view it if you want. :slight_smile:


This. This seems nice to have when scripting something inside studio/Roblox and don’t have to narrow a type in some if / then statement.

May I ask what ILegacyStudioBridge does within Roblox development and the Engine itself? I seem curious on that it might have to do with legacy things in scripting?

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We’re well aware that developers want this and will almost certainly be doing this as part of the further dragger improvements. Although an angle display in and of itself would be fairly simple thing to add, we want to make sure that we’re making the improvements in a holistic way such that they all work together well, so it will take some time before we have a complete design and can start adding these things.

The pie-slice display was actually supposed to be in the initial version of the tool, and the code for it has existed the whole time, but the underlying rendering features needed to support it ended up getting delayed so we had to wait until now to actually turn on that part of the visual.


Loosened team create permissions so user team create games can add groups that they are not a part of with the play permission and group team create games can add users that are not part of their group with the play permission.

FINALLY. I can properly whitelist the Roblox QA team without asking them to join my group specifically to be able to test games and I can keep the play button off if people aren’t authorised to play. Super helpful and should have always been the default.

Still waiting to be able to give edit permissions to specific users in a group though, so I can keep everyone in the same rank but only give certain users access to my games. Same with adding other groups to permissions and their ranks.


Edit: Fixed

I’m not sure if this has to do with the update being reverted or with version 454, but the left and right arrow key rotation speed has yet again been reduced to a crawl.

I hope this gets changed soon, as it makes it much harder and obnoxious to play with arrow keys or arrow key camera controls.

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Changed the hotkey of toggle comment from “Ctrl+shift+c” to “ctrl+/”.

I can change this back right?