Release Notes for 506

Notes for Release 506


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class HiddenSurfaceRemovalAsset : Instance
Added Class TextBoxService : Instance [NotCreatable] [Service]
Added Class HSRDataContentProvider : CacheableContentProvider [NotCreatable] [Service] [NotReplicated]

Added Property Content BaseWrap.HSRAssetId {RobloxSecurity} [NotScriptable]
Added Property NumberRange ParticleEmitter.FlipbookFramerate
Added Property string ParticleEmitter.FlipbookIncompatible
Added Property Enum.ParticleFlipbookLayout ParticleEmitter.FlipbookLayout
Added Property Enum.ParticleFlipbookMode ParticleEmitter.FlipbookMode
Added Property bool ParticleEmitter.FlipbookStartRandom
Added Property bool Studio.Show Pathfinding Links {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Function Array ContentProvider:GetDetailedFailedRequests() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void DebuggerUIService:OpenScriptAtLine(string guid, int debuggerConnectionId, int line) {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function Array MetaBreakpoint:GetContexts() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function bool StudioService:GetPlaceIsPersistedToCloud() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function bool StudioService:GetUserIsInTeamCreateToggleRamp() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void StudioService:RefreshDocumentDisplayName() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void StudioService:SetTurnOnTeamCreateOnPublish(bool turnOn) {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function bool VoiceChatInternal:SubscribeBlock(int64 userId) {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function bool VoiceChatInternal:SubscribeUnblock(int64 userId) {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Enum ParticleFlipbookLayout
	Added EnumItem ParticleFlipbookLayout.None : 0
	Added EnumItem ParticleFlipbookLayout.TwoByTwo : 1
	Added EnumItem ParticleFlipbookLayout.FourByFour : 2
	Added EnumItem ParticleFlipbookLayout.EightByEight : 3

Added Enum ParticleFlipbookMode
	Added EnumItem ParticleFlipbookMode.Loop : 0
	Added EnumItem ParticleFlipbookMode.OneShot : 1
	Added EnumItem ParticleFlipbookMode.PingPong : 2
	Added EnumItem ParticleFlipbookMode.Random : 3

Added EnumItem ConnectionError.DisconnectClientRequest : 285
Added EnumItem DebuggerStatus.ConnectionClosed : 8

Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.GraphicsMeshParts from 9 to 10
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.GraphicsParticles from 10 to 11
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.GraphicsParts from 11 to 12
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.GraphicsSpatialHash from 12 to 13
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.GraphicsTerrain from 13 to 14
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.GraphicsTexture from 14 to 15
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.GraphicsTextureCharacter from 15 to 16
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.Sounds from 16 to 17
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.StreamingSounds from 17 to 18
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.TerrainVoxels from 18 to 19
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.Gui from 20 to 21
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.Animation from 21 to 22
Changed the value of EnumItem DeveloperMemoryTag.Navigation from 22 to 23

Removed Tag [Deprecated] from Class VoiceChatService
	Removed Tag [Deprecated] from Property VoiceChatService.GenerateDefaultChannel
	Removed Tag [Deprecated] from Function VoiceChatService:IsVoiceEnabledForUserIdAsync

Removed Tag [NotBrowsable] from Class RigidConstraint

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What is “verified creators” referring to here? Is this a new program that’s coming or something that’s already a thing?


“Verified” in this case just means “verified identity” like voice chat, not some complex metric.

There will be an announcement post with more details when we turn the change on.


Is full-body supported? If not in this release, will it ever be supported at all in the future?


Hi, although this new version has been released, my Studio is not updating, it still remains as 505.
What is happening?


I really hope this is what I think it is. Custom terrain materials are desperately needed.


There was a messy issue with the initial 506 release, so it stayed up for a while before being reverted. There will likely be an updated release soon.