Release Notes for 557

Notes for Release 557


Is studio’s completely broken docking behavior going to be fixed any time soon?


Are you sure about that?

Also, I did not freeze the footage at the last frame, to clarify. As you can see, my normal cursor popped up at the end indicating that the crash window had popped up.



Thanks for removing the deprecated tag on PromptProductPurchaseFinished! Deprecated was only used to deter developers from wrongly using it in place of ProcessReceipt but I think that could have done better with an actual warning instead of a deprecation given that the intent was clear that it was the only way to check for product purchase prompt finishes and there was no alternative.


This has been fixed for most people for quite some time. It’s due to a corrupt data issue and requires action on your part to Reset Layout. When running Reset Layout, please ensure only one instance of Studio is running or it’s possible other instances will re-introduce the corrupt data.

If you see additional issues related to layout and docking after doing the reset, please submit a Studio bug. Thanks!


Honestly had no idea there was a fix, thank you!


Hi, our tools indicate that the IKControl crash is not happening anymore. We flipped the flag the same day you experienced your crash. In case it happens again moving forward please let us know and I’ll investigate, thanks.

(This screenshot was taken today)

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I’ll take a look, thanks for the report

At the company I work at, over 50% of the devs complain about docking issues constantly.

If there is a fix, it probably justifies a PSA announcement

Please share this link with your coworkers: Studio Docking [Fix]

We are very close to releasing further fixes that do not require a Reset View or any action on your part. Then we hope to restore the ability to re-dock the 3D view shortly after that.


Hi, is there any way to toggle this back? In my opinion, It’s better if it clears the input.
It’s been for years like that and now its very unfamiliar and annoying.

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Agreed I would like a setting to revert this.

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