Studio Docking [Fix]

UPDATE: As of version 0.581, we have continued to release regular fixes and have gotten much better understanding of what is causing layout corruption issues. Layout corruption most often happens due to a combination of factors including very specific versions of Windows 10, heavy plugin usage, and specific layout configurations. This can also be accelerated with particular Studio usage patterns specific to the affected Creator. This is why this has been a very difficult issue to reproduce and diagnose!

With these understandings, we have also become more accurate in our detection and tracking of layout corruption. This has greatly reduced the number of automatic layout resets that have been triggered. Overall, we have seen sharp decline in the number of Creators affected (today it’s <0.05% of active users). We are committed to get that number down to 0% and will continue to deploy fixes with every Studio release.

If you are still experiencing layout corruption, please continue report to DevForum along with screenshots or video. Performing a Reset View (steps described below) is still recommended to temporarily mitigate the problem.

UPDATE: We have deprioritized quick fixes for docking corruption issues in favor of completely overhauling our window and docking management code. This will permanently eliminate all of the causes for docking corruption and should allow us to bring back dock controls to the main 3D view. In the meantime, if you experience docking and window update problems try resizing your main window first. If that does not resolve the issue, then follow the Reset View steps outlined below.

UPDATE: With release 0.561 we have deployed even more robust fixes that also address docking corruption during Play/Test.


With today’s release (v560) we have deployed fixes that should not require the Reset View step or any actions on your part. If you have the latest version installed and are still seeing docking and window issues, please let us know.


Alright! But you gotta tell us what it was :smiley:


I really wish it was a simple explanation :pensive:


I’m still having issues with my Properties, Explorer, Output, and now my Terrain and Toolbox windows placed on my second monitor moving up and slightly left every time every time I open and reopen Studio.


Thanks for the update and info. It’s possible this is a different issue. Have you tried to Reset View? Are you saying Terrain and Toolbox weren’t shifting up & left until the 560 release?


I’ve reset the view, also tried using the Dock/Undock feature in the top RH corner of each window.
The Terrain and Toolbox haven’t moved before but I haven’t been in Studio for about a week and a half so I’m not sure if the 560 release is within that time. I tried last night and now they Terrain and Toolbox are moving as well.

The only other thing might be relevant is that I tried the Dock/Undock feature on ALL 5 windows that I keep on my second monitor last night. Don’t know if that may have contributed to the Terran and Toolbox moving as well.

Another factor, I don’t ‘dock’ the 2nd screen windows beside each other, I keep a small gap so they all ‘float’ as shown in my screenshots in the post I linked.


Thank you for the additional info!

The 560 release just went live yesterday (1/26/2023) and you would need to be sure all instances of Studio have shutdown. You can double check the version by going File > About Roblox Studio and the window should show at least version 0.560 — not saying this will solve your problem but it will help our devs to know if you’re seeing it with our latest release.

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Just heard back from the team that this is not likely related to the docking fixes. They are are aware of this multi-monitor issue and we are tracking it.


Even more fixes have been deployed in this week’s 0.561 release. This includes issues that may happen with Play/Test mode. We have also improved our detection of the corruption and our ability to automatically fix corrupted layouts so less people will need to Reset View themselves.

We won’t claim full victory yet but since this release we are seeing a significant drop in impacted users (going from almost 1% of active creators to well down below 0.5% creators in the past 24 hours). If you are still seeing issues in 0.561 after a full Studio restart, please let us know.

I know many of you have been frustrated by this issue and our ability to resolve it quickly. It’s difficult to share all the factors in play that prevent this from being a simple bug fix. It’s been much more like trying to contain a wildfire :sweat_smile: Our development team continues to work many late nights and weekends to contain the “fire” quickly for those affected while also doing the longer term work to eliminate the root cause.


Hi @MeshOfPaul, my team is still experiencing this bug and we have restarted studio. It happens/occurs when we Play/Test. I’d be happy to let you know more details or case scenarios to help you figure this out for the below 0.5% creators that it is happening too.


Hello and thank you! I’m sorry this is still causing grief. We are focusing on the stuff related to Play/Test now and one of the devs may reach out to you for more details.


I was about to report a bug about this using the link but I cannot access the wizard:

Here is proof im experiencing the problem


Also I tried resetting view and it did nothing at all

Can you confirm you have the updated docking Beta Feature enabled?