Release Notes for 571


tiny but great update, though i don’t use the terrain editor
i wonder what’s cooking for the next update

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not just one link, I wonder where the link came from editor Release Notes for 571 “I dont using devforum” :thinking:

What does this have to do with the terrain editor

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did this update break Roblox physics for moving platforms? My players can’t stand on a roblox physics platform now. They just slide off.

I also notice this issue in games such as shark bite and zeppelin wars, etc. Games which use roblox physics to move stuff.


Yeah some of the games I play are also experiencing issues with this update. It seems they have even opted out of the new physics setting but it seems not to be disabling for them.


Yes… Character movement is broken in my game out of nowhere, because the character’s limbs are now colliding with the hitbox despite the collision groups being set not to collide with eachother, causing disturbing jitters. Doesn’t have the problem in studio either yet it does in game. Trying to find a workaround. Super dissapointing.


Is there a post about how to opt in/out of this? I didn’t see it.

I heard about the new physics character controller but I thought that was still beta only.

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Yes, same here !!
No problem in studio but in live instances my game now has a lot of unexpected behaviors related to physics solving.

I have joints that I update every frame that controls how the head rotates depending on your mouse position and now your character slides forward and backward, even left and right, and when the character goes in a crawling stance, you slip on a perfectly flat ground backward into super speed.

I don’t know what has been changed recently, but physics has gone super unstable and is absolutely impossible to work around since it works perfectly as it used to in studio.

I tried changing the mass of the player, setting everything unnecessary to massless, even went as far as removing models and changing RootPriority and the issue persists. It seems like there is a sort of reaction wheel on the character where when a movement happens on a joint, no matter the RootPriority, the opposing force is applied to the rest of the body.

As stated, it probably is an issue with Collision groups because a lot of parts clip-in together which may cause some forces to be applied out of nowhere.

Please, we need an emergency revert.


I see a setting in workspace called HumanoidOnlySetCollisionsOnStateChange…changing to both Disabled or Enabled still doesnt fix anything though.

I went through massless and everything just like you. Literally nothing will bring it back to before, meanwhile it works in studio as you said. Confused how they messed the physics up this bad and didnt see it coming.

Hopefully this gets reverted as soon as possible…


sorry i was having a seizure while writing it, I did not notice that this was a different topic.


Players in my game are experiencing crashes after a couple minutes of playtime.
Something in this update went terribly wrong.


After some hours of trial and error I have been able to reproduce this issue.

The problem is when there is a cancollide Union either moving or welded to the Roblox physics moving part. When the union(with depth, for example part of the union in Z axis) is moving the character cannot stand on it or any part that is near it that is also moving with the assembly, it will move under the character and the character will slide off.

In Studio the player can stand on the Union as expected. this only happens in live games on the client.


Something has completely broken physics of humanoids trying to walk on moving surfaces. You frequently get stuck in place, pushed back, and jitter around. This has been occurring in numerous games that feature players walking on large vehicles such as ships, trains, planes, etc.


I have been experiencing the same problem as everyone above me has mentioned. I made a bug report for it which you can find here. Please check if my findings match all of yours. If anyone has any additional information or found other causes please respond to the bug report I made.


It’s also introducing some weird camera jerking artifacts when playing animations, we have a melee combat system and it suddenly started twitching the camera on each punch.


Ditto. This happens to my mobile and xbox players the most, and even some pc players, but after ~10 minutes or upon start up the game completely crashes.
Seems to have only happened starting when this update came out. (We didn’t update when this happened.)
I’ve been losing my mind over this.


Yeah my average session time went from 18 minutes to 8, lol.
But since its fixed it went back up.


Oh wow, it does seem to be fixed. I guess they did it without a client update. Did roblox ever acknowledge this bug? I didn’t see any posts about it from roblox.

nevermind, i found one mention on this thread:


Oh god, the snap to grid increment actually rounds what you put in now…
I put in 0.0625 (standard increment I use a ton), and it didn’t just display as 0.063… the increment itself became 0.063… if I move a part it moves in increments of 0.063, not 0.0625.

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