Release Notes for 615 Set to LIVE

I’ve previously mentioned how the Release Notes page set CheckUserBadgesAsync to LIVE but in attempting to test it it still said “Method not available” assuming that implies it isn’t actually LIVE yet.

I’m not sure if the flip was meant to be switched or if this is just a document issue but the previous report I sent about this was set as “FIXED” so just in-case that isn’t the case I felt the need to share it here.

I also want to toss in a request and ask if CheckUserBadgesAsync was not supposed to be set to LIVE then perhaps I’d be able to help beta test this feature further because I already have a tool that has long been waiting for an update like this to be released.

For those of us who don’t have access to crazy Roblox features I actually use the badge batch checking system for an achievement based reward system that spans across multiple games- including smaller games that use the tool. This allows people who put the item to get access to skins they’ve earned or bought in any place with said tool and it’s a frequently utilized tool that currently is restricted in the amount of assets that can be used because the alternative to checking badges in batches is checking them individually which is throttled hard and requires a long loading time.

I also think that checking gamepasses in batches- if possible- would also be a crazy useful update just because it’d be cleaner for games generally and would also be really beneficial to systems like this that could be developed. It could really inspire smaller developers to make tools that other people can utilize and develop their own experiences around.

This is the tool I was talking about above if you’re curious. That part is separate from the bug but I would appreciate the consideration.


Page URL:


Thanks for your continued interest in this method :slight_smile:

We are nearly ready to release, and we will make an announcement here when it’s ready-to-go. For now, I’m closing this out as a duplicate report.