Release The Features in Roblox Headquarters to All Roblox Games

As a Roblox Developer, it is really hard and takes a lot of time to create good features such as emote systems, friend indicators, etc. to enable emergent social behavior in our games. Said features created by Roblox for the Roblox Headquarters Halloween Place are elegant and instrumental in bringing the place to life.

This is a request that the features in this game be made available to developers, either by allowing copying of the Roblox Headquarters place, releasing a Roblox Studio file on the dev forums, or by working to upgrade the Roblox CoreGui experience to this high level of quality across all games.


Friend location indicator

Emoji emoting and grouping emojis

Player count indicator & developer feedback menu


Please share these awesome features with the developer community!


They should learn something from you and just open source the game so that developers on the platform can continue to expand their knowledge with code written by the Roblox team.


Massive support. I feel like the current features like the Emojis and chat are very nice to have and with this implemented across games and the engine itself. I feel like this shouldn’t just be in one game and rather spread out across the engine!

If this was shared across the Roblox community, I think a lot of users would benefit and would be happy to have this implemented to the platform since the chat is outdated and the emoji/emote icon have no usecases instead of opening up bought or free emotes.

I mean look at this, it looks so clean and yet better than the current UI interference on Roblox:

I do see why they’re keeping this only for one game and not having a huge update or engine update during this month and year, however, I feel like these should be out for Roblox users and developers.


I don’t see these particularly being engine features. It’d be more fitting if tutorials for making them were put on the developer hub.

The chat gui is pretty nice on some parts, but the chatbar being resided at the bottom center of the screen feels quite odd - wouldnt really want that being part of the native UI.


This is an open-ended request to help Roblox gauge the excitement of these features and prioritize accordingly. Given that this thread is properly formatted to the specification of the forum, and that CoreGui changes are within the realm of possibilities, I think Engine Features was the most reasonable forum to post this thread in.


Considering one of my game’s latest updates included the friend locator concept, with our own code, I wouldn’t mind this concept being expanded into more games (because it’s a good idea)

The emoji reactions is a fun idea too, personally on my todo list.

I’ve never seen actually good feedback from an in-game GUI however, tried it once, got lots of spam. Much better feedback from talking to community in discord, which I don’t think will change anytime soo. But if they can make it open sourced, that’s cool


Thanks to my flag editing abilities, I’ve been able to test AvatarEditorService, and I can tell you, it’s absolutely amazing, and I believe developers should have access to it.

One of its prompts also creates some funny memes


Check out the release of Developer Modules: Instant Social Features