Remembering Nimblz

Hey developers,

We recently lost a developer who was very near and dear to many in our community.

Nimblz was a force of positivity and creativity since joining Roblox in 2009.

Always determined to put player experience first with a strong drive to deliver games that were entertaining and fun for players, Nimblz engaged us all through awe-inspiring creativity.

The impact on our community can be felt far and wide through quirky games like “sno day” and “Eg!”, which gave us laughs that we’ll cherish forever.

Thank you, Nimblz. You’ll always be with us in the games you’ve created and published for everyone to enjoy on Roblox.

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damn, thats pretty sad man, RIP Nimblz. I never knew them but I was def a fan of thier games, like eg. It’s sad that such a talented developer had to leave us. I hope thier family and friends are dealing with this okay.

Once again, much love to Nimblz, and sending prayers to their relatives and close ones. :pray:

It’s sad to see that this account: will never come online again. I hope they enjoyed making thier games, it’s sad to see so many people go during these times. I hope they had a good life.

Cool Fanart that I found of em.


This is very sad to hear. I loved their game “Eg!”, I spent hours playing it with friends. They will always have a special place in my heart :heart:


It’s pretty sad he died. If only he was still alive. He was so young. He may rest in peace.


Rest in peace Nimblz, it will be a sad day for the community and his family and friends that helped him through life.



Nimblz is in a better place in Heaven :pray: :heart:

(Also I don’t deserves these likes but I wish that Nimblz is in a better place.)


May they now rest, with no sorrow and no tears in their eyes.

Rest in Peace Austin “Nimblz” Reuschle; 1998 to 2020.

Aeternum vale, pars maior lacrimas ridet et intus habet.
(Farewell forever, you smile at your tears but have them in your heart.)



This is extremely sad, I really enjoyed playing “eg” during egghunt & on freetime to joke around, God bless his family. :pray:


Rest in peace, man. You were always a fantastic man. Rest in peace. We’ll all miss you. :frowning:

Rest in peace for you and your family.


It’s always sad to see a developer pass away, whether they’d be a small or big one. His legacy will live on in our hearts. :heart:


R.I.P Nimblz, Nimblz, I’m not sure if you will read this because of… anyways, we’ll miss you and remember you! You’ve made wonderful games for the community and we love them! Thanks for being there for us! <3
Edits (I added alittle more to this and might add alittle more later on): Nimblz did alot of creativity during his time on roblox as a developer, he was truly a great dev on roblox, and we will miss them/they (referring to nimblz) talented mind.
You are/were a young developer and it is sad knowing you died at a young age but I hope you rest easily. Though you may have passed away, we will always remember you and you will be in our hearts! You’ve created a great and a creative game, after the players leave or join back, they will have an amazing experience and have a great time.
Such good memories the community had with you, I personally never been in a game or seen you or had a talk with you before but I had always been a fan of you and your work. You’ve inspired and helped the community and we now want to honor and remember you, nimblz.

~ JasperthePoliceMan


I remember playing Eg! it was unlike anything I’ve played before


It’s extremely sad to hear that he passed away… :frowning_face:

He indeed will always be remembered. The creativity with games like “Eg” will always be cherished and his positive impact on the community will never be forgotten. I loved the unique style of his games (including the names). :heart:

It’s sad to realize that his games will never be updated again…

Rest in peace, my friend.


These games are perfect examples of games that were just made because of genuine passion and enjoyment in the hobby. His work won’t ever be forgotten.


Always remember playing sno day during the winter, sad.


I remember I met him possibly through Twitter after wanting to find someone to work on a game with. Was a really nice guy. Was lucky to meet him at RDC 2017 and we signed each other’s notebooks. We grew apart over the years but I was happy to see him find success on the platform. He will be missed. Rest easy buddy :heart: :pray:


Losing such a shining star within the community is a tragedy. It’s commendable that we’re all coming together to support each other even (and especially) in a time of immense grief.


i think i speak for the entire developer community when i say this:

i love you, we love you nimblz, even if we didn’t know eachother