Removal of Guest Mode


I really dislike this, I know a fair amount of devs use guest accounts themselves to test their game, because they don’t save data. The Guest Mode was a good way for users to test out roblox’s game-play. It gave people a chance to try out a game before they sign up.


It’s a change for the better, I guess. Rest in blox.


I don’t know why y’all only liked Guests just for game testing. I definitely haven’t seen anyone request a ‘demo player’ feature for game testing yet. Guests were only holding Roblox down, this is a better change for the site.

Roblox accounts are already free. That’s why Guests were pointless. No argument.


now i have to create an account to change how i look


… Hmm.

Screenshot (984)


Ugh… why?

I’m going to miss guests, and it allowed people to see if they enjoy ROBLOX before making an actual account (which is something I did back in 2011)


Did you read the OP?


Yeah, I see what you mean by me saying “why”.

Sorry that I got you confused.


I’m sad but it actually makes a lot of sense. If new players want to try it they can just make an account and its easy and they aren’t restricted like guests are. (Even more opens if they are 13+). Due to nostalgia though I would’ve kept them ;( I’m gonna miss those newbies.


I think I just shed a tear.


Probably just a server that hasn’t died since the update. I doubt they would shut down every game with guests, or even disconnect all online guests


I’m waiting for somebody to spot Guest_1010 in a few months, starting the new version of John Doe.


Well, saving progress in game could’ve been done with a simple key stored in a datastore.

But I’ll miss these guys.


I was raging at a guest today in jailbreak… I’m going to miss this :frowning:


Time to make a game where you play as a guest


Guest Simulator


I will make alts with the name Guest, to remember those young guests man. I remember everyday playing natural disaster survival, and the guests would ALWAYS block the ladder and then I’d loose because of that. I remember playing many fighting games, and the guest would always be the pro. I remember the old military groups where guests would join and destroy everything. I miss you guest. I love you guest.


This is lovely. Excited for the rush of players who’ll finally learn you can save your progress in Roblox games!


Hahaaaaaaaa yesssss!

Now I don’t need to tailor experiences for guests!

Good riddance! :wave:


How could they miss such a feature? All you need to do is type /save!