Remove 60 FPS Cap

Probably not, physics is still tied to frame rate.

Physics run at 240Hz independent of the frame-rate.


When you use the FPS unlocker on Roblox, you literally fly around the map. It must be tied to physics still.

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That hasn’t happened to me, must’ve been an update or something else. Does it happen in specific games or everywhere? :thinking:

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Just any game in general, someone I know used it and their character was moving 2-3x faster than normal when it was activated.

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I am unable to replicate this with the fps unlocker on a high refresh rate monitor. Does the person you know have a recording of the incident by any chance?


My character is moving at a normal speed and I’m using a fps unlocker too.


Bumping this, I don’t know everything under the hood about increasing the fps but I think roblox should work towards it :smiley:

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For the last 6 months i’ve been playing Roblox games exclusively with the FPS unlocker on a 75Hz and 144Hz monitor. That’s roughly 300 hours of playtesting on 100 popular roblox games. Here’s what i discovered.

  • Once you’ve experienced Roblox on 144Hz with VSync you can’t go back. It looks really, really good.
  • Out of all the games i’ve played, there were only two cases in which the increased refresh rate caused gameplay issues. In both cases the physics were tied to the framerate, making people fall faster/slower if they went beyond/below 60 fps. This has since been fixed by the owners.
  • Automated camera movement tends to speed up on higher refresh rates. This usually only occurs during cutscenes or intros.
  • Aside from the extra frames, i had no unfair advantages over other players in competitive games, racing games and simulators. There was no change in bullet speeds, attack speeds, movement speeds, acceleration or any other potentially exploitable things.

I would personally think that Roblox is ready to unlock those sweet frames to the public. Just don’t tie anything to the framerate and you should be a-ok.


Interesting to see what you’ve done with it. Is it really that stable? That’s pretty great.

I think that they could indeed unlock the framerate and have minimal issues if they were to put a ribbon bar in Studio talking about the change to encourage users to use the deltaTime parameter of RenderStepped rather than a constant number value (generally, newer developers tend to use small decimal values rather than deltaTime unless they’re already familiar with how events of that nature work). This is what developers should be doing anyway, so in terms of improvements to the client and general “scripting etiquette”, it’s perfect. The only drawback would be the drawback of every big change to Roblox’s engine - breaking the old, outdated games.