Release Notes for 437

Notes for Release 437


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property bool DebuggerBreakpoint.isContextDependentBreakpoint
Added Property Enum<PhysicsSimulationRate> Workspace.PhysicsSimulationRate  [Hidden] [NotReplicated]

Added Function string StudioService:GetTermsOfUseUrl() {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Enum PhysicsSimulationRate
	Added EnumItem PhysicsSimulationRate.Fixed240Hz : 0
	Added EnumItem PhysicsSimulationRate.Fixed120Hz : 1
	Added EnumItem PhysicsSimulationRate.Fixed60Hz : 2

Added EnumItem Technology.Future : 4 [Preliminary]

Changed the parameters of Function ScriptDebugger:SetBreakpoint 
	from: (int line, bool isLocalBreakpoint)
	  to: (int line, bool isContextDependentBreakpoint)

Removed Property DebuggerBreakpoint.IsLocal

Removed EnumItem BulkMoveMode.FireNoEvents

(Click here for a syntax highlighted version!)


yeah pog and all but does anyone have any images of this in use im not up to the times


A nice feature that I find interesting for the new menu that was released a couple of weeks ago, although not everyone has it.

Thank, YOU! I finally don’t have to go to the main page of my game and press more buttons to shut down a server and wait for a while, now when I’m adding a feature into my game for testing, this can be so easy. :happy4:

:shock: I am excited about this feature here for future lighting, will impress me one day when I work on more lighting. :cool:


I sure do!


Wow, I’d think that this would be pending by now. I guess, it has been to be quite a big change then. I’m still patiently waiting and hyped for it, though!

Seems like there’s a lot of clamping goin’ on in this update:


Oh, so this is like the new tick()? Awesome! Time’s ticking…

@CloneTrooper1019, WOW. I sure think that those haters of Roblox won’t say that it’s a “stupid lego game” anymore LOL. They’ll stand agape. Also, it’s quite funny to see ShadowMap growing old already with this new update coming out. There’d definitely be an announcement post for this, right?


PhysicSimulatorRate sure looks interesting.


Could this physic’s simulation rate be indirectly hinting at a game FPS capped somewhere above 60?


Not at all. This os.clock seems to be based on how long your PC has been running for.

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os.clock is how long the lua session has been running. If your computer has been running a lua executable (like studio) since your pc started then it will reflect that time by change.


I believe @zeuxcg stated that Roblox was intending to eventually support 120hz in response to FPS unlocker if I’m not mistaken (please correct me if I am making stuff up haha). However, the physics simulation rate is slightly different than the actual “physics rate.” I believe it already runs at 240hz, it just runs multiple physics steps per frame (240/60 = 4). The benefit of doing this is that collisions and movement is more accurate (basically movement is physically closer to a smooth curve vs an instantaneous jump even if it’s still the latter visually).

Also os.clock! Yay! This is perfect for me :smile:

Edit: Also this is a little sad if it means what I think it does, I thought this might be useful: Removed EnumItem BulkMoveMode.FireNoEvents


I tweeted about it a few weeks ago when it was released to sitetest2:


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