Remove ability for Accessories to be picked up or add it as setting

As a Roblox developer, it is difficult to have NPC characters with accessories in my game, because currently it is not possible to disable accessories from being able to be “picked up” and attached to the player character when they touch them.

I am making an RThro morph and noticed that when the character had no hats and accessories on, the player was able to directly take the hat from the morph stand. Since the morph’s accessory is anchored the player would be trapped to the position of the accessory. This only seems to happen if the accessory’s part is named “Handle”.

I believe this is an older feature that was made for hats and accessories but since it’s easier than ever to attach an accessory to the character, it seems unnecessary.

Gif: (Left part is named “part”, Right part is named “Handle”)


If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would be more convenient to have NPC characters or just plain accessories in my game without the player being able to add them to their own character by simply touching them.


You can eliminate this issue by removing the Attachments in the Handle part (BodyBackAttachment, etc). It sounds like you don’t need the Attachments as you state they are anchored anyways