Remove clamp on part sizing


The current limit on part size is currently 2048x2048x2048 studs, but I believe we should be able to make a part’s size at least quadruple that, if not unlimited. It doesn’t have many use cases, but the few it does have are big ones. Here’s one of the big ones I noticed:

The current terrain tool’s Region editor uses an invisible part with a SelectionBox to control regions. There is a cap on regions due to part size, and upping the clamp on part size would allow for bigger regions in the Terrain editor.

If this were added, more use cases would most likely start to pop up.


I usually break the limit by using BlockMeshes, by upping the scale of either x, y, z or in any combination of them.


This works with appearance, but the player can’t actually walk on the part after the part has ended


Is there a use case which can ONLY be fulfilled by one large part?


Perhaps not, but there is no shortage of scenarios where having to contend with that limit is a major inconvenience. Map flooring, map boundary border walls, just to name a couple that I’ve dealt with personally.


I’m no credible source, but I think the reason that they clamp the size is because online, when the part replicates to the client, there’s a bug with large parts that causes it to be in a different position, regardless of whether it’s anchored or not. I saw it in another post today, I’ll link it if I can find it again.

I’d love to see this implemented - particularly for the regions tool. I use that all the time to spawn water, and it’s very annoying having to constantly resize it.