Remove Recommended from Home Page

  1. Its recommending me a scam game.
  2. 4/6 are tycoons involving food.
  3. 2/6 involve pizza.

Recommended should be removed until it actually recommends games that are relevant to the user.

Proposed solutions:

  1. Make recommended choose random games from either Top Earning, Top Rated or Featured.
  2. Remove it all together.
  3. Base it off of games the user has favorited or liked in the past.

There isn’t even an option to say “No, I’m not interested in this game” unlike similar platforms like YouTube (which has been giving me better recommendations over the years). If this is an actual machine learning algorithm, there’s no way for us to train it to be more accurate.

I am not interested in a single one of these games.


It’s like the suggested items at the bottom of an item page, there’s 0 need for it.

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I have a feeling this intended for new users, although the implementation is terrible. I think it should be removed.


It seems to recommend the same games for nearly every user. I’ve asked a few of my friends and most of us have most, if not all, these games in our Recommended Games.


Still is still an issue…

  1. Like come on now, how are these not filtered through some sort of system by now, its literally at 5% likes. At least only allow games with a decent rating to show up so that scam games don’t appear. Don’t know how they are here in the first place.

  2. Same thing with #1 except this game is just… why is this here at 46% likes.

  3. Its basically all simulators… this (Changes to the Popular Sort) should be implemented to the Recommend sort as well.


Often see deleted games in the Recommended section. Wonder what the sort is based on…?



Somehow my games end up on there all the time, I have no idea why.

I do think having a ‘recommended’ section is good though, because ideally it would display games that are similar to what the user has already played and liked, therefore being relevant games for the user. (I understand that maybe it’s not doing that properly at the moment)

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