Remove "Someone Accepts My FR" from Notification Settings

Recently I’ve been incurring a small bug where I keep getting a notification for a recently accepted friend request, no matter how many times I’ve opened the notification.

While doing some digging around on the Notification Stream settings I was reminded of this:image

Someone accepts my friend request is grayed out, and unclickable. Thus brings me to my point. Why have a “setting” in the settings area that is unusable?

In a perfect world, I’d suggest making this actually a feature that I can choose to have or not to have. Give me the freedom to turn it off. However, as the notification is replacing the old system of receiving messages to let you know, I’m assuming it’s in the vision to not let users turn this off.

If we can’t change this setting, remove the check box. Having the check box there and the setting “grayed out” makes it seem like maybe it’s a possible setting if you have other settings in place. It feels like it somehow should be able to enabled when it’s not.


I support this idea. It’s not necessary for everyone to get a notification when your friend request is accepted. This setting should be free to change, so people can turn it on or off, depending on their preference.