Remove the new "+" button in the updated studio explorer



I noticed you guys added a small button with a “+” on it to add instances into a part. ( ) This seems like a good idea, but it takes up too much space, and we already had almost the exact same button in the right-click menu. Example:

VS (what we already had)

So, in conclusion, I think this was a pointless feature that really does nothing more than get in the way of my cursor when selecting things. At the very least, I’d like to see it much smaller - like a little screw up in the corner keeping the selection box from falling (lol). Anyways, keep up the good work roblox. This one wasn’t a personal favorite but I see where you’re going with this.

Edit: I think I’d rather have the same menu/search Gui/Interface, but have it appear when you click the Insert Object button in the menu.

(Last edit I swear)
The “View” menu already gives us access to an object insert menu, and it’s perfectly accessible already. I think the button and the menu theme also somewhat conflict with the rest of the Studio interface.


I agree it really does get in the way of clicking on things in the explorer. We already have like 3 different menus for inserting objects. This is neither easier nor faster than just using ctrl+i or right click.


Yeah… I’m definitely not a fan of the interface. The overly-huge, distracting white plus that pops up whenever I select something is an eyesore. I don’t want random buttons being added to the object list, especially when a similar feature is already accessible from the context menu. If we absolutely need quick access to it, then just improve the context menu instead of reinventing the wheel.

It also doesn’t help that the plus icon doesn’t fit in with the existing interface at all – not aesthetically and it has no padding either so it’s awkwardly stretched across the listing.


The margins aren’t even the same width :frowning:


Staying true to form, I’d like to have the ability to enable/disable this button in the settings menu. (Or maybe a keyboard shortcut to bring up the menu?)


This is true, if someone really likes this button, I think they should have an ability to have it - especially since ROBLOX already coded it.


It’s existed for just a few hours and it’s already driving me insane.


I personally really enjoy the button. It has a nice search system, and it’s a single click as opposed to other solutions. The improvement of a quick search through relevant items is nice. I had access to this months back, I guess during a test roll out or something? I was a little sad when it went away.

That being said, I can certainly understand why some people wouldn’t like it, if the improvements from it can just be transferred to the right click “Insert” menu, I’d gladly just use that instead.


I actually like it. It’s pretty useful considering I don’t use anything building plug-ins like F3X.


I have used it quite a bit already, I found it convenient, but a tad ugly, and too large.


Please just make a toggle for this. I’m with PlaceRebuilder in that it’s driving me insane.


If this item needs to stay, I would prefer to either have it as a setting to turn it on/off, or it should be put it at the end of the horizontal space for an item in explorer, rather than right next to the text.

EDIT: I changed my mind, I don’t mind it now.


Flag is StudioInsertObjectUXImprovementV2


Lifesaver - Thanks!


Thank you. I keep accidentally clicking it because it’s enormous and has variable x positioning.


It’s good in concept, but it does get in the way. What if we put it on the end of the instance selection box?


Anything that doesn’t force me to have better mouse discipline in every day use(I navigate and select my stuff often but don’t need to insert children often)


Still distracting. We can’t make it smaller because then it’d be too hard to click, but keeping it as in-the-way, even at the right edge, as it is currently would be awful. It really needs to be removed entirely and moved into the context menu. The current button is superfluous and not a valuable tradeoff.


So then wouldn’t it just be… insert objects?


Similar, but not the same. Insert Object is a lot more difficult to navigate. Compare:


I think he means the advanced objects menu, which is basically the same, but with more options as you’re not limited to inserting things that the class wants you to insert image