Remove the new "+" button in the updated studio explorer



The advanced objects menu could be on the opposite side of the screen depending on where it’s docked. You can use Ctrl+I and type in classnames to insert objects, but some users prefer mouse input. Both the + icon and context menu’s Insert Object provide the ability to insert objects with the mouse.


Personally I always went Ctrl+i and typed the first few letters of the object to insert without having to mess with my mouse


I kinda like this, the button for it isn’t very nice though. I like how it only shows what objects should/could go in there rather than ALL of them. Not a bad feature, but maybe a little pointless since we can already easily insert objects. Might help newer people or make things slightly faster but eh. Nice.


The button should wait until I let go of the mouse before popping up the window because me not letting go means I’m dragging my mouse to make a selection.


I was perfectly fine with right clicking and inserting an item from there.


Looks like an awesome feature for new users.

Although as this thread has shown, experienced devs don’t want this taking up their limited UI space in studio especially considering its already a hotkey that’s faster to use.

A setting would be perfect.


I like the idea behind it and I’ve used it a couple times, but the placement is annoying. I find myself clicking on the button with the intention to select the part…


Only have been using Studio for the past half hour since this update, but I have managed to click it several times by accident. This needs better placement and/or a toggle for it.


It’s just too big :flushed:


It’s very annoying that I accidentally click it and a giant context menu pops up every time. It’s poorly placed right next to the end of the text, which I usually click due to me over-positioning the mouse. It would be better for me if it was how Alkan said:


I really think this is the only thing that makes sense if we are to keep it.


The best solution is to keep it out of the explorer window. Superimposing one button onto another is always bad design. It should just be placed at the end of the filter textbox.


This button is starting to really get in the way of workflows. It teleports all over the place as if it wants to be clicked by accident. Here’s an example of parts with short names that are insanely hard to click.


This is making the explorer pretty annoying to use.


Oh my god I’ve clicked this retarded button way too many times trying to select an object in the explorer menu

It’s just getting aggravating at this point, especially when studio is being slow and it takes a couple seconds to register I deselected something after actually deselecting it

Remove this stupid button or have a toggle to turn it off in settings


I agree with Alkan, the button should be placed to the right end of the instance selection box. It’ll prevent a lot of accidental clicks while still being functional


Maybe it could be placed somewhere on the Properties ribbon instead? Example:

(look on the left side of the properties frame) Obviously it would look a lot better than mine, but this would be a lot better placement. Also, make it smaller.


Yeah, naw, I’m not a big fan of this. I keep accidentally clicking it and it’s interrupting my workflow, like a lot of people have already said. It’s great as a feature for newer users but I don’t think it’s conducive to a quick workflow overall. A setting would be awesome.


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I like this idea.


Can we get word on this, I’ve never intentionally used the feature and the only time I’ve opened the + menu is on a purely accidental basis