Remove the new "+" button in the updated studio explorer



After using this for some weeks, I retract my previous post here, I actually find it quite useful for my workflow (not needing to have another window open to insert objects). Just had to train myself not to accidentally click the button.


The argument still persists to make it a setting. I like the customizable workspace, and if I ever need to use my advanced objects window for something else, maybe I’ll go back to the button - but for now, I don’t think it’s necessary at all.


I’d personally love to have a toggle option for it, as sometimes I end up clicking it while making selections.


Has a staff member commented on what we’ve said anywhere on the forum yet? Seems most of us would like this minor change, and it still hasn’t happened/been approved/been shot down(to my knowledge)


Just commenting on this thread to notify people who don’t already know, that such a setting has indeed been added: