Rename 10 Robux VIP Servers to 10 Robux Private Servers

I am almost 100% sure that this is not intentional.

The sort “Play Together (10 Robux VIP Servers)” should be renamed to better reflect the recent name change of VIP Servers to Private Servers.

This bug happens 100% of the time. It’s existed ever since the sort was created.

Repro: Go the game page, and scroll down to the sort.

Related: The sort in my opinion should also be instead offering Free Private Servers. It seems to be already doing that! Thus, maybe this name change is not necessary at all, if it gets renamed to Free Private Servers anyways. I’ve written a topic on this here. Go check it out!


Adding onto this, some games (such as this waterpark) are still under that category, but the servers are free. Roblox should either create a new category in the games page, or remove games that have free Private Servers.


You’re correct! That, indeed, is still happening. All games within the sort seem to be offering free Private Servers! I’ve addressed this issue in this topic. Go check it out!

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This is not a bug. It will be changed soon, very soon :slight_smile:


Wow, what a coincidence! The day after I posted this bug, it got fixed!
Thanks for being quick to resolve problems.

Rename Here!

The sort has now been renamed and refurbished to fit all my needs. I guess this post is now solved!

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